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Best credit card offers
4 Mar 2018

Best credit card offers

When it comes time to apply for a new credit card, it can be difficult to choose from the many offers that come your way. Most cards have a positive selling point that helps to draw in customers. Rewards, interest rates, and flexible pay dates are some of the things that a card company may offer. A new credit card is a big commitment, as it affects your credit immensely over time. The initial credit check also makes a mark on your credit, meaning you do not want to apply for several at once. If you do apply for multiple cards over a short period of time, it can hurt your credit score, and force you to take out a no credit check loan to pay back your balance. Prior to going through with an application for a new card, think over which characteristics are most important for your lifestyle.

Best Credit Card Offers

Each card company attempts to present itself as the best choice. It can be overwhelming to be presented with large numbers of offers at once. In order to narrow down the best credit card offers for your particular situation, it is necessary to read the fine print. Take in to account how you plan to use the card. This can include frequency, types of purchases, and cash advances. Your needs should dictate which type of card you apply for.

Payment Dates

Flexible payment dates are a fairly new feature on many cards. This feature, however, can help you avoid late penalties. These work by allowing the customer to choose the time of the month when payments are due. This allows clients to arrange payments closer to the times that paychecks come in, or to spread out their financial responsibilities throughout the month. Many companies set a date that does not comply with the customer’s personal financial schedule, setting them up to fail when it comes to timely payments.

Cash Advance

Many people prefer to use their credit card to withdraw cash. Some things in life call for cash payments. This is a great feature of many credit cards, however, they often come with exorbitant fees. Some companies prefer to dissuade people from using this option, therefore they make it more expensive. It is possible, however, to find a credit card that complies with cash advance desires. These are similar to bad credit loans, as they can plug the gap in between when you need the money and when you can pay it back.

Rewards and Interest Rates

The best credit card offers are those that meet your needs, not necessarily the most popular ones. A card preference is a personal choice. Rewards and interest rates can make a big difference. If you would like cash or travel rewards, there are many choices out there. Interest rates vary and depend a lot on your credit score.

Make an effort to find a card that compliments your purchase style and has perks that you like. It is not necessary to settle for the first card that comes along. Sift through the offers and wait for the one that meets everything on your checklist. At Bonsai Finance, we are happy to help you find the perfect card or no credit check personal loan for your needs. Visit us online today to find out more about how our cards are perfect for everyone’s lifestyle.