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Best Secured Credit Card
15 May 2018

Choosing the Best Secured Credit Card

In a perfect world, there would be no need for secured credit cards; but when you do need a secured card, getting timely help in locating the very best secured credit card available is a huge help.

Just because you’ve gone through periods of financial difficulty in the past doesn’t mean you can’t get approved for a good credit card. Even if a security deposit is required, there are cards with good, beneficial features – and some of them are better than others, so it pays to explore your options thoroughly.

How to Locate Your Best Secured Credit Card

The Internet is a marvelous tool to use when searching for a new credit card offer. It gives you the ability to look up nearly any card company in the world at the click of a finger. That’s pretty impressive.

But the fact is, no one has time to take out of their busy, day to day lives to look up dozens (much less hundreds) of credit card issuer websites and examine all the available offers detail after detail.

In practical terms, then, you can only check a handful of websites at best, and that means you’re relying on “luck” as much as anything else in your quest to find the best secured card offer.

Now, if instead, you use the search engine provided by Bonsai Finance, the whole problem immediately evaporates. Bonsai’s high-tech search tools cover hundreds of secured credit card offers and companies in mere seconds. They can compare offers based on numerous criteria that you select and reduce your “real” options to a manageable size.

From there, you can afford to investigate the details of terms and conditions and do genuine comparison shopping, because you are already working off a short list. Plus, Bonsai’s experienced staff can also step in at key points and give you the timely, crucial advice you need to help you make the right decision.

How Custom-select Your Secured Credit Card

Once empowered by Bonsai Finance with the tools to bring all the relevant information before you in a manageable way, and assisted by Bonsai’s well seasoned staff so you get quick, accurate answers to any credit card related questions you may have – the next step is to “custom select” your ideal card.

Here are some factors you can prioritize and include in your preferences:

  • A smaller security deposit. You don’t have to tie up large amounts of money to get a secured card.
  • A credit limit that’s larger relative to your deposit. It varies if your credit line is equal to or, say, double or triple your deposit.
  • Reasonable APR and fees. We can help you find the lowest possible interest rate and fees for your new card. We may be able to locate a secured care with no annual fee for you as well.
  • A path to an unsecured card down the road. The best secured card companies let you earn your way to a unsecured card within so many months if you make all payments on time.
  • A company you can trust. At Bonsai, we are familiar with the secured credit card industry. We can steer you clear of disreputable card issuers and towards companies with a track record of treating their cardholders right.

There are other factors, too, to take in to account in selecting your new card. You may be able to get special cash back deals or other “perks,” for example, or some companies might have 24/7 support, while others don’t.

Whatever your preferred features, we at Bonsai Finance have the expertise and the tools to assist you in applying for the best secured credit card available. And nearly all of those who find a card through Bonsai and apply for it end up getting approved – in fact, many of the card issuers we work with don’t even base approval on credit scores or run a credit check.