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apply for credit cards for poor credit
30 Mar 2018

Can I apply for credit cards for poor credit?

Does having a poor credit score necessarily mean you can’t get approved for a new credit card? If you have bad credit and you’ve applied for a few cards and gotten rejected, you may think so. But in reality, there are numerous credit cards for poor credit applicants on today’s market.

Why Can’t I Find Credit Cards for Poor Credit?

If you’ve responded to a few “junk mail” offers or tried to apply for a random card here and there online or over the phone – and you weren’t approved, it doesn’t mean there aren’t any credit cards for poor credit that you qualify for. It just means you may have been looking, thus far, in the wrong places.

At Bonsai Finance, we have hundreds of credit card companies and countless credit card offers in our database. We can search the Web rapidly to find credit cards that those with bad credit can get approved for. We also know how to steer you clear of disreputable companies and empower you with the information you need to make an informed decision on which card to choose.

How Do I Know Which BAD CREDIT Credit Card Is Best?

Once you use our credit card search engine services at Bonsai Finance, you will quickly realize you have numerous options – too many, if anything, rather than too few.

The difficulty lies in sifting through your options to find the card that best fits your needs. But we help you with that. Just enter your most important search criteria to narrow down your offers to the best handful or so; then, it becomes manageable to compare and contrast to make an informed decision.

One search criteria you can use is acceptance of bad credit. Another is the lack of a credit check. You can single out secured or unsecured cards, search based on APR, lack of an annual fee, lack of foreign transaction fees, the presence of “points,” cash back awards, or other perks – or anything else you like.

How Can a Credit Card Help Me Rebuild My Credit Score?

Unless you borrow and repay debt regularly and on time, there will be no way to create a new, positive track record that will improve your credit history. A long stretch of inactivity is better than defaults and delinquency that would hurt your credit score more; but only making on-time payments on debt will make your score rise at a reasonably fast rate.

Credit cards are the easiest, and most common, way of rebuilding bad credit since almost everyone can get approved for one.

Even if it’s a secured card, it will still boost your credit score if you use it responsibly. Debit cards and preloaded cards, by contrast, do nothing to help you lift your credit.

At Bonsai Finance, we can help you find a credit card that meets your needs and that you can get accepted for even with bad credit, so you can begin rebuilding your damaged credit score!