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Bad credit credit card
16 Aug 2017

Bad credit credit card

If you have had problems with paying off your credit cards in the past, you may wonder if it is possible to get approved for a new credit card now that your credit score is “bad” or “poor.”

It may have been years ago when you fell into financial straits and couldn’t “get out.” Must your past haunt you forever and keep you from having the convenience of a credit card at your disposal?

The answer is, “Not at all.” There are a number of possible ways to get a bad credit credit card. And with emergency expenses popping up and threatening to derail you between paychecks, it is worth carrying a credit card even if you hope you don’t have to actually use it.

Payday Direct Lenders Now Offer a Bad Credit Credit Card

In the past, your options for a bad credit credit card were more limited, but in recent years, payday lenders have begun offering a credit card that combines a payday loan with a credit card account.

You may not be able to get approved for a “regular” credit card, and you may not be interested in putting down a deposit in the hundreds of dollars range to get approved for a “secured” card. And a prepaid debit card can’t take the place of a credit card or bank account very well; it’s really only a way to make an electronic payment when you otherwise couldn’t.

But a bad credit credit card from a direct payday lender allows you to receive your payday loan into the card in rapid fashion without any need to stop by a physical payday loan location or any need to have a checking account to take out the loan.

Your paychecks will then be deposited onto the card and the payments taken off it on the due dates. That makes the whole process fast and easy and helps to avoid any late payment fees.

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