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Credit card for poor credit
9 Aug 2017

Credit card for poor credit

Do you have a bad credit history? Have you gone to your bank for a new loan, only to be turned away once they learn of your credit score? This is not the end. Thanks to the internet, it has now become easier than ever to get a loan by requesting an online payday loan. Here’s what you need to do to get such a loan:

1. Go to a Reputable Lending Site

At Bonsai Finance we have worked long and hard to ensure our clients receive the most competitive interest rates on their loans that adhere to stringent government standards. Come to our website and get in touch with our 24/7 customer assistance team of experts who will offer you advice on the best way to procure a loan that helps solve your financial problems instead of adding to them.

2. Fill Out your Details

Our website carries a page on which you will need to enter some basic personal details about yourself. We take great pains to ensure our entire site is protected against external attacks, so rest assured your personal information will be kept under lock and key on our site and not misused in any way.

Another question you need not worry about is whether your bad credit score will mean you won’t get the loan. It doesn’t matter to us what your past credit history looks like, since we understand that everyone makes mistakes in their lives, and a poor rating does not mean you don’t deserve the chance to improve the rating by getting a fresh loan to pay off older loans.

Also, we don’t ask for any collateral before advancing a loan, which means that any individual, whether they possess personal assets or not, can get a loan.

3. Wait for a Few Hours

Once you’ve submitted the details, it will only take a few hours for your request to be processed, and the loan to be forwarded to your account. This is in sharp contrast to the traditional money lending model followed by banks, where a person has to visit the bank during office hours, spend hours standing in line to fill out a loan request and then wait for many days to get the loan.

Online payday loans can be availed from the comfort of your home. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection!

Credit Card for Poor Credit

Choosing a credit card for poor credit gives you a chance to improve your credit rating while using the card. Among unsecured credit cards, the Credit One Bank Platinum Visa card allows you to rebuild your credit with few up-front costs. It offers free pre-qualification and does not require a safety deposit.

For a secured credit card for poor credit, the Discover it card carries no annual fee, but asks for a security deposit of $200 or more in order to establish a line of credit. You can get a deposit refund after eight months of responsible usage.