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Credit card with no credit
18 Sep 2017

Credit card with no credit

It’s no secret that bad credit is common in the United States. Some 33% of Americans have below-average credit scores, and yet, that is far too big a section of the economy for credit card companies to ignore.

Thus, it is not especially difficult to find a credit card with no credit score requirement. Finding the best possible offer, however, will take a bit more research and comparison shopping.

The Best Credit Card With No Credit Requirements

When you have imperfect credit, that doesn’t change the fact you need a credit card. If you don’t have a checking account, the only other option would be prepaid cards, but those won’t help you rebuild your credit score and they can have fees every time your reload the card.

What is the best credit card with no credit needed for approval? That may depend on your situation.

If you can qualify for an unsecured card, albeit with a low credit limit and higher interest and fees, that’s superior to a secured card. It can be difficult to come up with hundreds of dollars for a deposit to secure a card and to have that money tied up for months or years on end.

For unsecured cards, compare APR, how you can avoid paying interest, annual fees (if any), credit limits, and late fees. For secured cards, see how much of a deposit is required and how high your credit line will be relative to the deposit amount.

Credit Cards With No Credit Check

Besides a credit card with no credit score threshold, you should look for one that does not even run a credit check if possible. A credit check can actually hurt your already hurt credit score.

A denial or too many requests with multiple denials will certainly harm your credit rating, and companies requiring a credit check are more likely to turn down your request.

Expect to give out basic personal and financial information so the card company can know you have a reliable income and are able to make your payments, but avoid card requiring credit checks if you already have a damaged credit score.

Payday Loan Unsecured Credit Cards

Besides the “ordinary” secured and unsecured credit card options noted above, you may also wish to consider a payday loan credit card.

If you are planning on taking out a payday loan anyway, you can avoid a lot of hassle during the process by using a card. Or if you need a loan and a credit card at the same time, this could be a great option.

No deposit will be needed on the payday loan card, and your loan will be loaded directly onto it. That means you get your cash faster and without having to have a checking account to get approved. You can then have your paycheck loaded onto the card and your loan payments taken straight off of it. It’s a bit like a credit card, loan, and checking account all wrapped up into one and can be quite convenient.