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Credit cards with bad credit
23 Aug 2017

Credit cards with bad credit

Unfortunately, sometimes life surprises us with bad things. These emergencies lead you searching for a way to pay unexpected bill. Most individuals put these unexpected costs on a credit card. However, searching for credit cards with bad credit can make you feel even worse. Rejection from credit card companies can lead you to feeling down about your current financial situation. Credit card companies base loans solely on your credit score. They don’t know why you need the money or how bad of an emergency it may be. They don’t care that you need to pay this bill. All they care about is the small number that is your credit score. This is frustrating and unfair. You need to pay your bills just like everyone else.

Why Credit Cards with Bad Credit Don’t Help

The credit card request process takes a long time. After filling it out, you could be denied again and again when searching for credit cards with bad credit. By the time you find a credit card that approves you, it can take up to 10 days to receive the card in the mail. If you need money immediately, this waiting time is torture. You may even find that the amount of money you were approved for isn’t enough to pay your bill. Credit cards come with high interest rates and added fees. One wrong step and your credit score can plummet even further.

How Payday Loans Help

When your bills are calling, you need money to pay them. Payday loans may be a better alternative for you than a credit card with bad credit. Our payday loans have a fast request process and can get you the money you need in just a few hours. Our direct lender loans are a safe way to get the money you need. We offer competitive interest rates for short-term loans up to 18 months. You no longer need to be locked in for years and years in long-term loans. All you need to get the loan is request online with a pay stub, an active debit or credit card, cell phone, and bank account. Your bad credit does not matter to us. We will get you the money you need to help you out of this unfortunate financial situation.

Once you get paid from your job you can start paying back the loan through your bank account. The credit or debit card you provide is only used as a last resort. We work with you to help you to pay back your loan without furthering your bad credit. We want to work to be your solution to life, not your problem. If you need money fast, you can count on our payday loans to get you out of your financial woes.