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Find Unsecured Credit Cards For Fair Credit
27 Sep 2019

Find Unsecured Credit Cards For Fair Credit NOW!

Perhaps, you are surfing the Web right now in search of unsecured credit cards for fair credit applicants? Perhaps your credit score is below the average credit score of 700 in America, according to CNBC?

Fair credit isn’t perfect credit, but it’s a step or two up above bad or poor credit (or no credit history at all), and you don’t have to settle for a credit card that requires a security deposit if you don’t want to. Most importantly, getting a credit card will help build your credit score by adding to the different types of credit you’re using.

About Secured Credit Cards For Fair Credit

For those who don’t mind a secured card, fair credit is plenty to get a good one. In fact, the best secured credit cards require a fair credit score.

The other advantage is that secured credit cards are guaranteed approval, as you’re putting down your own money to secure the credit line.

But many would-be cardholders dislike having hundreds of their own dollars tied up in a security deposit for month after month – maybe for over a year. And the credit line limitations, high APR, high fees, and lack of perks on most secured cards are also a put off.

Now, actually, you can find decent secured card. Some are not that bad at all. Bonsai Finance’s high-powered search engines, for example, can help you locate the very best secured cards in an instant. But if that still doesn’t appeal to you – read on!

Are There Unsecured Credit Cards For Fair Credit?

You might be surprised to learn that unsecured credit cards for fair credit abound online. It’s harder to find unsecured offers with bad credit – though it is still possible, but “fair” is “improved enough” that many, many card companies will be competing for your business.

Remember that around a third of all US adults have a below-average credit score. That’s just too big a chunk of the market for credit card providers to leave alone.

Plus, they are smart enough to realize that many people have had rough patches in their credit history through no fault of their own and are on much more solid financial ground today.

What Kind Of Features Should I Expect?

Not only can you avoid a security deposit, but you can expect to find other attractive features with many unsecured cards for those with fair credit or better.

Look for any and all of the following as you compare your available offers:

  • A competitive APR. Interest rates should be lower than for bad credit loans.
  • No credit check required. Or if one is, then it should be a soft credit check, not a hard check that could hurt your credit score.
  • Reasonable fees. Avoid an annual fee if possible – otherwise, compare to find the lowest annual fee. Late fees, foreign transaction fees, cash withdrawal charges, and more will also vary from card to card.
  • A higher credit line like what you would see for an installment loan. If you are not satisfied with the credit limit, look elsewhere. Bonsai Finance can help you find a higher one for fair credit.
  • Perks. Yes, cards designed for fair credit users can still have perks like cashback rewards or travel points. Don’t overlook that possibility.

How Can I Find My Best Unsecured Card NOW?

Bonsai Finance is the answer when you need to find a particular sort of credit card offer NOW. Our high-speed search tools let you search for precisely the features and feature combinations you desire. You can refine your search as many times as you like until you have successfully narrowed the field.

To locate the best credit cards for fair credit online, use Bonsai Finance services today 100% free of charge (as always).

We will not pressure you in one direction or another – we are not beholden to any card company but simply serve the consumer by matching him or her to the best available credit card or loan he/she qualifies for. You can also read about payday loans online, personal loans, and cash loans to find out the information you need before you take out that loan.

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