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Define The Best Travel Credit Card
18 Aug 2018

How Do You Define The Best Travel Credit Card?

Do you travel often? Are you looking for ways to cut down on travel expenses or earn back extra bonuses and rewards for your travel purchases? Then it only makes sense to apply for the best travel credit card you can find and then use it frequently.

But what kinds of travel cards are available? And how do you define what exactly the best travel credit cards look like?

Factors For Defining The Best Travel Credit Card

It’s easy enough to say, “I’m looking for the best travel credit card.” But if you really want to find it, you first have to get a more specific idea of what exactly you’re looking for.

Any card can call itself a “travel credit card,” but not all such cards are created equal. Some may be a better fit for you and your lifestyle than others. And some credit card companies may give you a far better deal than their competitors.

Here are 7 key factors to consider in searching for the perfect travel credit card:

  1. Valuable airline miles or points. Be sure to read the fine print when comparing frequent flier miles/points because there are often many “rules” that will determine how valuable each mile/point really is.
  2. Savings that apply internationally. Does the frequent flier program apply only to US flight or internationally as well? And also find out if the card has no foreign transaction fee, or at least, a very low one.
  3. Flexibility in airline choice. Be sure to understand whether the travel card works only with one particular airline or with any airline. It’s fine if it’s good for only one carrier, so long as you’re comfortable with that.
  4. Non-flight travel deals. Does the card offer any points/savings on purchases made at gas stations, hotels, public transportation (trains, buses, and taxi cabs), restaurants, car rentals, and other common travel expenditures?
  5. Are there any special sign-on deals, like double your points or your cash back for the first year? Or is there an initial no-interest or discounted balance transfer period?
  6. Does the card have no annual fee? Or does it at least have a very low annual fee?
  7. Does the travel card have a good APR, low fees, a high enough credit line, and other basic benefits you’d expect from any credit card? Remember that while travel perks are nice, you don’t want to sacrifice “basic” features in order to acquire travel features.

How Can I Locate That Perfect Travel Credit Card?

Now, once you have a good idea of what kinds of features you are looking for in your new travel credit card, the next question is how to find it. After all, a simple Google search will quickly reveal how numerous your options are. How can you sift through the “haystack” and find that elusive “needle?”

A great answer to the above question is “by using a credit card search engine like those provided free of charge by Bonsai Finance!”

Take any or all of the travel card features most important to you and make them your search criteria. Keep on narrowing the field until you find the perfect card! It’s really that easy.

You might whittle it down to just a few options and still have some question about which offer to take. What then? Simply get advice from experts here at Bonsai Finance who have a deep understanding of how travel cards work and long time familiarity with the market.

Also, visit just two or three top websites to delve into the details a bit more on your own.

Bonsai makes finding and applying for the best travel credit card fast and simple. We make the process manageable for those with busy schedules, and we consistently get our clients better results!