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credit card fraud
19 Jul 2019

How to Avoid Credit Card Fraud

Credit card scams are on the rise in 2019. It’s important to know what the most successful scams are and how to avoid them.

In order to arm yourself against credit card fraud, you’ll need to educate yourself on the latest schemes and money stealing techniques, just as you should to avoid predatory payday lenders.

Read on to learn more about protecting yourself.

How to Avoid Credit Card Fraud

To start protecting yourself against credit card scams and fraud, start with things you can control.

Check out these learning center resources to learn more about credit, credit cards, and more.

If you pay your credit card balance automatically each month, first of all, good for you. Second, you should still be logging into your bank account and checking all of the charges to make sure nothing fraudulent has slipped in.

Finally, it’s important to learn more about the common types of credit card frauds so you don’t fall for one yourself. Education will help to make sure you don’t put yourself at risk for a credit card scam.

The Latest Credit Card Scams

There are a few common credit card scams to be on the lookout for. Here’s a little bit about each and how to avoid them.


A scammer may contact you by phone, or email and disguise themselves as someone you trust. They may try to lure you into giving them your passwords, PIN numbers, and credit card information.

A common way to phish someone is by sending an email saying there has been suspicious activity on your account. The scammer may then follow up with a call and try to grab your information that way.

Never give your personal or account information over the phone. If you are worried it may be your bank, call them back. They’ll be able to tell you if someone called and what the issue is.

If it wasn’t the bank who called, you’ll be able to freeze your accounts and freeze your credit to prevent damage.

False Advertisements

There are many different ways scammers will try to get you to reveal your credit card information. These often look like promises of easy credit, no background checks or high credit limits in a pinch.

The freedom checks scam is one that has popped up recently in the form of a get rich quick scheme. You may be asked to subscribe to newsletters or invest in oil with the promise of a big payout.

Use common sense and always air on the side of caution. If you’ve recently been denied for credit by your bank, you should know someone calling with easy access to credit isn’t legit.

Credit Repair Services

You may get a call or email that a credit repair company wants to repair your credit by removing your negative credit history. The Federal Trade Commission states that these claims are illegal. Don’t fall for it.

Paying your bills when they are due and time are the only ways to repair your credit.


When you’re educated about the potential scams out there, you’ll feel better equipped to handle them.

Remember to check your statements and keep an eye on your credit report. You can download a free report every year at

Keep the common credit card scams from above in mind and don’t give a credit card scammer info you’re not comfortable giving. You’re your best advocate against credit card fraud.

When searching for a new credit card, check out these resources for the best credit cards of 2019. You’ll be able to compare interest rates, rewards programs and learn about the security features in place to keep you safe.

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