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Find Easy Approval Credit Cards
25 Sep 2019

How To Find Easy Approval Credit Cards

When your credit is bad – or even fairly good but less than perfect, ensuring you will get approved for a new credit card BEFORE actually applying for it is key. You need easy approval credit cards so as to avoid a denial that would harm your credit score.

According to the FTC, these are called “inquiries” and are one of the factors used to determine your credit score. So it’s important you don’t have too many inquiries in too short of a time.

But how do you exactly define easy approval, which specific features should you insist on in your card, and how can you locate your best offer? Read on for answers to these important questions!

Defining Easy Approval Credit Cards

Easy approval credit cards are one of the best ways to ensure you get a new credit card fast right when you need it. They also avoid the risk of further harming your credit when you already have a somewhat rocky credit history.

But just how easy is easy approval? Let’s define that a little more tightly. Here are some parameters:

  • The application process is quick and simple. Just fill out a few online forms with basic personal and financial information – things relevant to approval.
  • The card company accepts bad credit and those with little to no credit history. APR may vary based on credit, but approval seldom if ever does.
  • There is no credit check to wait for and you don’t have to worry about a credit check hurting your credit.
  • You won’t be turned down because of already owning other cards or having applied for other offers recently.

Easy approval also needs to be accompanied by easy processing. You want your approved card on the way in the mail immediately so it will arrive as soon as possible. And you should be able to begin using it without delay at that point.

What Other Features Should You Insist On?

Easy approval obviously isn’t everything. You also have to consider what it is you are getting approved for! That’s just common sense.

Here are 7 of the top features you should look for in your new credit card, along with the quick and painless approval process:

  1. No annual fee. If you must have one, then at least a very low annual fee.
  2. The ability to pay off a balance in full each month to avoid paying any interest.
  3. As low as possible of APR.
  4. As high as possible of a credit limit.
  5. If available, it is normally best to choose an unsecured card.
  6. Bad credit accepted, and no credit check run.
  7. Perks like cashback rewards, travel points, or a zero foreign transaction fee.

How Can I Locate My Best Easy Approval Card?

Taking both ease of approval and value of the card itself into account, how do you go about finding your best credit card offer? It almost goes without saying that you should search online, for that’s where you can immediately access the most information on numerous credit card offers from the comfort of your own computer chair (or smartphone).

You can check out online reviews and comparison websites, but those are often prejudiced or take too few options into consideration. Your best bet is to rely on a high-powered search engine like the one provided by Bonsai Finance.

Bonsai Finance puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to locating your best credit card options that you can easily, quickly get approved for. We make the selection process easy too, via search tools, our online resource library, and our helpful staff. Talk to Bonsai today to get started on finding superior easy approval credit cards that match your needs!

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