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The Best Unsecured Credit Card
21 Aug 2018

How To Find The Best Unsecured Credit Card

Those with a less than perfect credit history may sometimes fear that the only credit card they can qualify for is a secured card. And that can lead to some who dislike the idea of a security deposit not even looking for any credit card at all. But the truth is, you can likely qualify for an unsecured credit card even if you have poor credit.

But with so many competing offers, and some of them seemingly not very attractive, how do you find a good offer? In fact, a better question would be, “How do you find your best offer?”

What Makes For a Superior Unsecured Credit Card?

Looking for an unsecured credit card that accepts even applicants with poor or no credit? There are many more offers available to you than you might have realized. But how do you separate the sheep from the goats?

The first question you have to ask yourself is “Which card features are most important to me?” Each person may give a different answer to that question.

A low APR is important, but it’s much more important to someone who will keep a rolling balance versus if you will avoid interest anyway by always paying the card off in full each month.

A high credit line is a benefit, but it’s only a necessity if you need it. If you plan to buy high ticket items like airline tickets or major building supplies with the card, credit line is critical to you.

Relatively low cash withdrawal fees are great. If you actually plan to make frequent cash withdrawals with your credit card, then they are even better!

Lack of a foreign transaction fee is important if you will use the card while traveling abroad or to order items from foreign countries.

Everyone with damaged credit will want to know that their on-time payments are being reported to as many credit bureaus as possible every single month. And a pathway to improved card terms based on responsible use of the card is also essential.

Finally, you can probably find a card with at least one or two “perks.” Which perk best suits you? Does cash back appeal to you more or points or travel miles or something else?

How Can I Find My Ideal Credit Card?

Once you have created a “profile” for your ideal unsecured card, the next step is to begin comparing actual cards with your desired card. But how can you do that efficiently?

Bonsai Finance offers you the free use of powerful online search engines that will speed and empower your search efforts. We match you to card offers that fit the specific criterion you choose to base your searches on.

The strategy that works best is to start with your essential, “must haves,” and then work down to your preferred, “should have,” features. That way you narrow the field systematically and arrive at the closest matches to what you’re looking for without accidentally excluding a desirable offer.

But even when you’ve got the list of possibles down to just two, three, or a handful, you may need some further help. Bonsai can provide it. We have expert staff on hand who can guide you in making a decision that’s right for you and that you won’t regret.

Also, Bonsai can help you find card offers that you don’t need a good credit history to qualify for, and where no credit check will be run on you. We can help ensure you only apply for credit cards you almost certainly will be approved for.

In most cases, you can fill out a short application for in just a few minutes and then get approved for your new unsecured credit card instantaneously. Bonsai makes the process easy!