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About No Annual Fee Credit Cards Bad Credit
11 Aug 2019

No Annual Fee Credit Cards Bad Credit

One of the worst things about having damaged credit is that you have to pay a high annual fee on your credit card – don’t you?

Thankfully, you probably do NOT have to settle for that kind of card. There are many no annual fee credit cards bad credit applicants can get approved on – but first, you have to know how to find them.

With No Annual Fee, Credit Cards Bad Credit Applicants Can Be Approved For!

Yes, they do exist! There really are no annual fee credit cards, bad credit accepted. Being forced to pay an annual fee, particularly a steep one, is one of the worst feelings you can have when choosing a new credit card.

Some people don’t mind annual fees too much, and some companies will waive them if you complain and are up to date on your payments – but many people don’t want to deal with them and don’t want to pay them. Totally understandable!

Sometimes, credit card companies that accept bad credit will require you pay an annual fee to compensate for the risk they are taking in giving you a card – as they see it, at least. Any company is going to measure their risks and protect themselves – that’s a fact of life. But it is also a fact that not every credit card lender necessarily covers that risk via an annual fee requirement.

For example, you might have to accept a higher APR, or work with a lower credit limit until you can make enough on-time payments to get an increase, or even put up some money for a security deposit. But to many, none of those options are as unpalatable as an annual fee. And you can find a card that gives you a lot of the features you desire even when you have bad credit.

How Can I Find The Best Credit Card For Bad Credit Without An Annual Fee?

It can be frustrating when you are searching for a bad credit credit card offer and you are adamantly determined NOT to pay an annual fee. You may come across fees set at different levels and feel tempted to simply choose a lower fee – but most often, you could find a no-annual fee card if you kept on looking.

At Bonsai Finance, we understand the predicament consumers with damaged credit histories feel when on the hunt for a new credit card. And we have developed tools to make your search fast and easy, while rendering the best possible results.

You can simply search for card companies and card offers with no annual fee and that yet accept less than perfect credit scores. Just plug in those search criteria and push a button for instant results. You may also want to add in other criteria to narrow the field further, such as lower interest rates, lower late fees, no foreign transaction fees, no security deposit required, and as high a credit limit as you can get.

We encourage you to “play with” our search engine, to tinker with it and discover what it can really do. Use it wisely and you will be staring at the best credit card offers that meet your expectations right in front of you on your PC screen. You might then go a step further and examine the top few options in more detail or ask our online staff to assist you in a chat session if need be. But the bottom line is we put the tools in your hands to locate your top credit card offer in only minutes’ time.

Bonsai Finance exists to make life easier for consumers. Our powerful search tools enable you to find no annual fee credit cards, bad credit accepted, quickly!