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Costco Citi Card Benefits
7 Sep 2019

Costco Citi Card Benefits: Is this Card Right for You?

Of course, most people want to have a credit card that gives them a variety of perks and allows them to use it as needed. With so many Costco Citi Card benefits, you’re sure to enjoy using this credit card at restaurants, for travel, and even to get gasoline. As such, it’s a no-brainer for people who are already members of Costco.

This new card is an improvement over the older, but still popular, Amex Costco Card. If you’re a member of the company, this is likely an excellent option for you. However, it can be helpful to learn about the advantages of the card so that you are well prepared.

Costco Citi Card Benefits: What It Includes/Offers

Primarily, the Costco Citi Card benefits include getting cash back on gasoline, restaurants, travel, and all of your Costco purchases. Cardmembers will earn four percent on eligible gasoline purchases for up to $7,000. After you’ve reached that $7,000 mark, you’ll still earn one percent cashback.

However, the one caveat of this card is that you won’t earn the full four percent when you buy gas at other locations. You will still get the one percent cash back incentive. If you usually get gas at Costco, this could get you a lot of rewards.

A few rules apply to the incentive. For example, you get a certificate for all of the cashback that you earned throughout the year. You’ll get it in February and have until the end of the same year (December 31) to redeem it. Along with such, you will forfeit the rewards if you close your account for any reason before February.

Of course, that’s not the only advantage of having the credit card. Because it moved from American Express to Citi, you also have access to Citi Private Pass, which comes with many Citi credit cards. This allows you to buy your tickets to shows, concerts, and sporting events before anyone else. Many times, after a show is officially ‘sold out,’ you can still get tickets through the Private Pass membership.

Is It Worth It for People without a Costco Membership?

The answer is that it depends. If you’d like to become a Costco member, then this is a good credit card for you. Likewise, it might be beneficial if you’d like the rewards that the credit card offers. In a sense, most cardholders consider the Costco membership to be the annual fee. Typically, it is around $60 a year. Now, you have to consider whether or not you will use the card enough to earn back that ‘fee’ and come out ahead. For example, if you spend about $150 each month for travel and restaurants, you’ll likely find that this card is beneficial for you.

Is It Right for You?

Of course, only you can answer that question. However, this credit card is ideal for people who are already members of Costco (or want to be members) and eat out a lot, travel, and buy gasoline. As such, people who spend a lot of money at the store can earn two percent cashback, which is unlimited. Therefore, you could end up with a hefty reward at the end of the year (in February).

However, if you’re looking to get a big bonus from your credit card, this one isn’t likely right for you. As such, you can only redeem your rewards once a year, which can be a drawback.

Of course, all of these Costco Citi Card benefits allows you to earn money back on the purchase that you are going to make anyway. Therefore, it’s an excellent option for people who enjoy shopping at this retail location.