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Best Store Credit Cards
30 May 2019

These are the Best Store Credit Cards of 2019

Finding realistic ways to save a little extra cash can be difficult. In fact, with monthly necessities like rent, food, and transportation, it can seem nearly impossible.

If you frequently shop at a specific store, a retail credit card may be something worth looking into. You’re going to shop there anyway, why not get some of that money back?

However, figuring out which is the best credit card for you can be tricky, as there are tons of variables to consider. What rewards are included? Is there a fee for signing up? Will I get approved?

If you’re asking yourself these kinds of questions, don’t fret, because we’re here to help!

In this article, you’ll learn about a few of the best store credit cards, as well as any benefits each specific card has to offer.

Now then, let’s get started!

Best Buy Credit Card

Everyone loves electronics, but if you find yourself constantly buying the latest games and gadgets from stores like Best Buy, this may be the card for you!

Like most store cards, the Best Buy Credit Card allows you to earn reward points that you can use to make purchases in any Best Buy store.

You’ll also get some special financing options for larger purchases that will help you avoid paying interest, which is a nice bonus.

And perhaps the best part, there’s no annual or sign-up fee for the Best Buy card or any other card on this list!

Gap Visa Card

If you’re big into fashion or often need new clothes for work or other occasions, the Gap Visa Card is a perfect choice.

And if the prospect of online shopping with your Gap Visa Card the moment it arrives is particularly exciting, you’re in luck! The card gets you 20% off your first online purchase and free shipping.

One credit card perk that makes this one even more useful is that, because it’s a Visa, you aren’t restricted to Gap when using it; the card can be used anywhere!

Macy’s American Express Card

If The Gap isn’t your style, there are plenty of other options, like the Macy’s American Express Card, for example.

You’ll save 20% on any first day purchases made with your Macy’s American Express Card, so be sure to use it the same day you decide to open your account.

The American Express partnership allows you to use this outside of Macy’s as well, which again, is a nice bonus.

CostCo Anywhere Visa

The CostCo Anywhere Visa is a great option for those with larger families who tend to buy in bulk to save some extra cash.

With the CostCo Anywhere Visa, you’ll get back: three percent back on restaurant purchases, two percent back on any CostCo purchases (online included), and one percent back on everything else.

Also, that Visa at the end means this card works anywhere that accepts Visa.

Target REDCard

With everything from groceries to clothes to home decor, it’s no surprise that Target has become America’s most popular department store.

The Target REDCard’s 5% discount is automatically applied to all purchases, meaning you don’t have to wait to cash in on any benefits at a later date.

And if you’re a coffee lover, this card is about to become even more appealing. You can use your Target REDCard at Starbucks, as long as it’s located inside a Target store.

Lowe’s Advantage Card

Clothes and electronics are great, but what if you’re into carpentry? If your passion is building or you have a big project to accomplish around the house, the Lowe’s Advantage Card might be worth checking out.

The Lowe’s Advantage Card offers special financing options, as well as 5% off eligible items.

Amazon Prime Visa Signature Card

Amazon is the most popular company in America, and for good reason. This online mega-store offers virtually everything under the sun, available to you at the click of a button. Because of this, the odds are high that you’ve already made a purchase (or twenty) from them in the past. If that’s the case, check out the Amazon Prime Visa Signature Card!

The Amazon Prime Visa Signature card offers customers 5% back on all Amazon and Whole Foods purchases. You’ll also get 2% back at restaurants, gas stations, and drugstores.

Along with 1% back on all other purchases, the Visa card means you can use this anywhere your heart desires.

Kohl’s Credit Card

With a massive and varied clothes selection, you’re sure to find anything you’re looking for in that department at Kohls. And with the Kohl’s Credit Card, you’ll get a 30% discount on your first purchase, as well as a 15% off coupon in the mail when your card is delivered.

You’ll get 12 “additional bonuses” each year, which come with even more percentage discounts.

Walmart Store Card

Everyone knows about Walmart, but did you know the store has its own rewards card? The Walmart Rewards Mastercard offers quite a few benefits, especially to online shoppers. If you make a purchase online, you’ll get 3% back, compared to just 1% back on in-store purchases.

You’ll also get $25 back on your first purchase, as long as the total of said purchase exceeds $25.

Best Store Credit Cards: Now What?

Now that you’re aware of some best store credit cards out there, and what benefits are included with them, you’re all set!

Remember, each of these store credit cards is quick and easy to sign up for, has no annual fee, and can save you some serious money over time.

Be sure to check out our blog, where you’ll find more finance tips and tricks that can help you with everything from installment loans to personal loans to payday loans online.

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