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Best Business Credit Cards
2 May 2019

The 4 Best Business Credit Cards on the Market

Did you know that 1 in 4 small businesses aren’t able to get the funding they need?

If you’re serious about success, finding the best small business credit card can give you a big advantage. Credit cards not only increase your budget, they also make taxes easier.

Want to know how to take your business to the next level? Keep reading to learn about 4 of the best business credit cards.

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1. Best Chase Business Credit Card: Ink Business Unlimited

With so many benefits, the Ink Business Unlimited credit card is great for new and experienced business owners alike.

When you open an account, you can earn $500 if you spend $3,000 within 3 months. On top of this, you’ll also get 1.5% cash back on every purchase.

There’s no annual fee to own this card. Although your first 12 months have 0% APR, your rate will range between 15.49-21.49% after.

2. Best Business Credit Cards for Travelers: Capital One Spark Miles

If you want to take on the world, you’ll need a credit card that can keep up. The Capital One Spark Miles is perfect for any business that requires frequent flying.

For ever dollar you spend, you’ll earn 2 miles. If you spend $4,500 within 3 months of opening your account, you’ll be able to enjoy an additional 50,000-mile bonus. Since there are also no foreign transaction fees, you’ll be able to rack up miles no matter where you go.

Your first year is free, but your following annual fees will cost $95.

3. Best Credit Cards for Small Business Expenses: American Express Business Gold Card

If you need a card with flexible rewards, you can’t go wrong with American Express’ Business Gold Card. Although the annual fee is $295, all of the perks make this card a wise investment.

This credit card will give you 4x reward points in any 2 categories where you spend the most. Since your business needs can change each month, it’s nice to have a card that will always give you the most bang for your buck.

If you spend $5,000 within your first 3 months, you’ll get 35,000 points. If you book flights through American Express, you’ll be able to get 25% of your points back. With so many flexible payment plans and rewards, you’ll be able to stay on top of your bills.

4. Best Business Credit Card that Does It All: Bank of America Business Advantage Cash Rewards

If you want a simple but reliable business card, the Business Advantage Cash Rewards card can be your best tool.

With this card, you’ll get 1% back on every purchase. Purchases at office supply stores and gas stations earn 3% cash back and restaurants earn 2%. When you open an account online, you can get $200 if you spend $500 within your first 60 days.

Since there are no annual fees and a 0% APR rate for 9 months, this card can make business management much less stressful.

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Now that you know about the best business credit cards, you can choose the right provider that meets all of your unique needs.

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