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The Best Discover Card Offers of 2018
26 Sep 2018

The Best Discover Credit Card Offers of 2018

There are more than 1,041 million credit cards in use in the United States today.

The high demand for credit cards also means that credit card companies are constantly competing to offer the best reward cards to tempt new cardholders.

One popular credit card company is Discover. Discover credit card offers are known for their rewards card bonuses, as well as for their reward match offer for new cardholders.

Discover has a number of reward cards to choose from, each with its own perks and benefits. That’s why we are here to help you to compare Discover cards.

Keep reading to find the best Discover card for you.

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Best for Anyone: Discover It Cash Back

No matter how you choose to spend your money or what you’re dreaming of using your rewards for, the Discover It Cash Back credit card is a great choice.

Unlike other cards, it doesn’t focus rewards on travel spending or require you to make big monthly deposits in order to get a bonus.

Instead, the card rewards you with 1 percent cash back on any purchases you may, anywhere and anytime.

In addition, each quarter, Discover highlights categories for reward bonuses, on a rotating bonus. You choose your categories, such as gas, groceries, or dining out, and you’ll get 5 percent cash back when you spend in those categories.

Right now, the reward categories are as follows:

  • Quarter 1 (January 1 through March 31): Wholesale clubs and gas stations
  • Quarter 2 (April 1 through June 30): Grocery stores
  • Quarter 3 (June 1 through September 30): Restaurants
  • Quarter 4 (October 1 through December 31): Amazon and wholesale clubs

Discover also has a program called Discover Deals. With it, you can earn bonus cash back rewards and discounts at a variety of stores and websites. Use it to score up to 20 percent off on purchases at your favorite retailers.

Like many of the best Discover credit card options, the Discover It Cash Back credit card has no annual fee and an initial 0 percent APR, on purchases for your first 14 months as a cardholder. You’ll also get 0 percent APR on balance transfers during those first 14 months.

Best for Balance Transfers: Discover It Balance Transfers

If you’ve got other credit cards with outstanding balances costing you hundreds or more dollars in interest each month, you might be considering cards designed for balance transfers.

Like other credit card companies, Discover offers several credit cards with low or no APR for balance transfers as a perk alongside other rewards.

The Discover It Balance Transfers credit card is designed for helping you tackle your debts without incurring expensive interest.

You’ll get all of the same perks as the Discover It Cash Back credit card, like 1 percent back on all purchases and 5 percent back on select categories, as well as no annual fee.

But you’ll also get a whopping 18 months 0 percent APR on balance transfers, as well as 6 months of 0 percent APR on new purchases.

If you’ve fallen into a hard spot or are looking to start tackling your debts without wasting money on interest payments, the Discover It Balance Transfer is a great choice.

Like the other Discover It credit cards on this list, this card has no annual fee.

Discover and their Balance Transfer card is all about helping cardholders avoid falling further into debt, through introductory periods of 0 percent APR and avoiding wasting cash on annual fees.

Best for Travel: Discover It Miles

If you’re someone who primarily uses your cred cards to book airline tickets, hotel stays, and other travel expenses, the best Discover credit cards for you is one that helps you do just that. That’s where a travel rewards card comes in.

With the Discover It Miles credit card, you’ll get 1.5 points for every $1 you spend, anywhere you spend it.

If you’re worried that it’ll take you far too long to earn enough points to pay for any travel expenses, don’t fret.

Discover is currently offering a miles match program that can help you increase your return for your first year. However many points you earn during your first 12 months as a cardholder, Discover will then match.

So if you earn 40,000 points, you’ll get an additional 40,000 at the end of your first year.

The Discover It Miles credit card offers a few other perks for travel enthusiasts. One is an annual $30 credit to use on in-flight Wi-Fi to keep you connected on that cross-country or trans-Atlantic jaunt.

Another perk is no foreign transaction fees, making it easy to use this card wherever you choose to explore.

This Discover card has no annual fees, a waived first late-payment, a zero percent APR on new purchases for 14 months and a 10.99 percent APR on balance transfers for 14 months.

Best for Students: Discover It Student Cash Back

Maybe you’re a college student yourself. Or you have a child that’ll be leaving for school soon. Either way, it’s time to look for a credit card that is designed for helping young people start building credit and managing their finances.

While student housing doesn’t always require a strong credit history and many students have financial support from their families, building credit is still important. Without it, finding somewhere to live and making big purchases like cars can be a challenge after graduation.

But rather than choosing a basic credit card, you might as well search for one that not only helps students build their credit but one that rewards them for doing so as well.

The Discover It Student Cash Back credit card is designed for students. It’s similar to the Discover It Cash Back card, in that the categories for point bonuses rotate.

You’ll still earn 5 percent back on select purchases in each bonus category, like gas or groceries, with a cap of $1,500 in bonuses each quarter. And you’ll earn 1 percent back on everything else that you buy, all year long.

Like the Discover It Miles credit card, Discover will match your rewards at the end of the year, with no limit to how much they will match.

There’s no annual fee, which is great for students on a tight budget.

Just beware of the 0 percent APR for the first 6 months after opening a card. For young credit card holders, this can be a dangerous way to run up a big balance that they won’t be able to pay off after that 6-month deadline passes.

Learning how to be responsible with credit cards right from the start is important.

Best for Those With a Poor Credit Score: Discover It Secured

If you think that a rewards credit card is out of reach for you because of a poor credit history, think again.

The Discover It Secured credit card requires a cash deposit of at least $200, and up to $2,500.

While this means tying up some of your savings in a deposit, it also allows you to begin to work towards improving your credit score, with a goal of then becoming eligible for a normal, unsecured card.

While this is a secured credit card, you’ll still have the chance to earn cash back rewards. You’ll get 2 percent back on purchases at restaurants and gas stations, up to $1,000 cash back each quarter. You’ll also get 1 percent back on all other purchases you make.

Don’t think that just because this is a secured credit card doesn’t mean that Discover treats it any differently than their other credit cards. They’ll still match your cash back rewards at the end of the year, with no limit to the amount that they’ll match.

Discover wants to help you rebuild your credit. That’s why you’ll get free access to your FICO score as a Discover It Secured credit card holder. Plus, after 8 months, Discover will review your account history to decide whether or not you qualify to apply for a Discover card that is unsecured.

Choosing the Best Discover Card for You

best discover cardThe best Discover card for you depends on your own finances, credit history, and spending preferences.

If you love exploring new places, spend your weekends taking road trips, or are the first person your friends and families go to when they need a hotel recommendation, then the Discover It Miles credit card might be the right option for you.

You’ll get rewards no matter where you use your card. You can then use those rewards to pay for travel expenses like flights, hotels, or gas.

If you dream of spending your rewards on a fancy dinner out one month and a new TV the next, you need a more flexible rewards card.

The Discover It Cash Back card rewards you on all purchases, giving you money back in your pocket you can spend however you choose.

If you’re new to the world of credit scores and in college, the Discover It Student Cash Back card can help you build a strong financial foundation right from the start.

Have a poor credit history or outstanding balances on other credit cards? The Discover It Secured card or Discover It Balance Transfers card can help.

If you don’t see a rewards credit card on this list that appeals to you, it might be time to check out some other credit card providers. Check out this list of the best credit cards to find the perfect one for you.