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Credit Cards for Bad Credit in 2019
11 Apr 2019

These are the 5 Best Credit Cards for Bad Credit in 2019

Roughly 30 percent of Americans have bad credit, and many more have no credit at all.

Do you fall into one of these camps? have you needed to resort to payday loans online or no credit check loans? If so, you know that it can be challenging to get approved for a credit card.

Have you ever considered applying for a credit card designed for those with bad credit?

Yes, these cards do exist. Listed below are five credit cards for bad credit that you ought to consider using if you’re trying to rebuild or build up your credit.

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What Are Bad Credit Credit Cards?

Bad credit credit cards are designed to help individuals with poor credit scores build up their credit in a lower risk way.

People with poor credit are more likely to be approved for these cards, which often have lower credit limits and higher interest rates.

Many bad credit credit cards are also secured cards. You pay a deposit when you apply for these cards.

In some cases, that deposit acts as your credit limit. Other times, that deposit just gives you access to a certain amount of credit.

Top 5 Credit Cards for Bad Credit

If you’re interested in applying for a bad credit credit card, consider applying for one of these:

1. Capital One Secured Mastercard

The Capital One Secured card comes with no annual fee. When you pay a deposit of either $49, $99, or $200, you get access to a $200 credit line. The specific deposit you pay will vary depending on your credit score.

2. The Secured Visa from Merrick Bank

This is a great secured option that helps you to build your credit while also giving you access to a free monthly FICO score.

It comes with a flexible line of credit that will vary depending on how much you pay for your deposit. You can increase your credit line anytime you want with an additional deposit.

3. Discover it Secured

This Discover card has no annual fee and comes with some great cash back incentives.

You’ll get two percent cash back at gas stations and restaurants up to $1,000, and you’ll also earn one percent unlimited cash back on all of your other purchases.

4. Credit One Bank Visa Credit Card

This is an unsecured card from Credit One Bank with a low annual fee ($0-$99). It also comes with one percent cash back on a variety of purchases, including groceries, gas, and services like internet, cable, and your mobile phone bill.

5. Total Visa Unsecured Credit Card

This is a basic unsecured card. It doesn’t require any deposit and has an annual fee of just $75 for the first ear (and $48 for subsequent years). There are no cash back incentives, but it’s still a good card for folks who just want to work on building up their credit.

Apply for a Credit Card Today

It might seem impossible to get a credit card if you already have a poor credit score. That’s definitely not the case, though, as you can see.

Are you interested in one of these credit cards for bad credit?

Any of these cards would be a great option for someone looking to rebuild their credit and improve their credit score.

If you want to apply for any of these credit cards, we can help.

We make it easy for you to apply online, and we’ll get back to you right away to let you know if you’ve been approved.

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