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Upstart Reviews
23 Jul 2018

Upstart Reviews: 2018 Update

Upstart personal loans are now among the most popular on the Web, and there are a host of Upstart reviews on multiple review sites to help you understand the value of this type of personal loan from the viewpoint of those who’ve used them.

Below, we will give you information on what sets Upstart personal loans apart from other loan options and a peek at what past and current customers are saying about them.

Why Are Upstart Reviews So Consistently Positive?

If you’ve been perusing online reviews for personal loans and other fast cash loans, you likely have run into a good number of Upstart reviews already. You probably noticed they were overwhelmingly positive. So what sets this particular lender apart from the crowd?

Here are some of the Upstart advantages:

  • Rates are based on educational level, job history and experience, and other factors – not just credit scores. Thus, those with less than perfect credit can usually get a lower rate with an Upstart loan.
  • Those with little to no credit history can get a loan, if they have promising college degrees and/or other favorable factors.
  • There is not penalty for paying your personal loan off early, like with some of the competitors.
  • Terms can be as long as 5 years and loan principals range from $1,000 to $50,000. That’s much more flexibility than with the average personal loan.
  • Loans are funded within one business day, but within three business days for student loans.
    Origination fees are often quite low, though they vary from loan to loan.
  • Relatively high debt to income ratios are still accepted for the loan. That’s good news for students loaded down with student loan debt right after graduation!

Overall, Upstart loans give you better terms than many other personal loans lenders, but their criteria for approval is a little bit higher. It’s not simply based on credit scored, however, so you’re not “out” just because you lack “good” to “excellent” credit or lack any significant credit history at all.

But still, it’s true that credit history, a college degree with good grades, a promising career, current income sufficient to make your loan payments, a great new job offer, or other factors may need to be present to get approved.

But a large percentage of those who apply do, in fact, get approved. And if you can get an Upstart loan, you’re going to enjoy better terms than with most other personal loans.

What Are People Saying About Upstart’s Personal Loans?

There are a number of online locations you can visit for reviews of Upstart updated for 2018, like this one and also this one.

You’ll find that those in college or just getting out of college and starting up a new career are among the most frequent borrowers of Upstart loans. And many with below average but not dismal credit, and other positive factors in their favor, get a loan from Upstart.

Here are some common comments from Upstart users:

  • It’s great you can opt for automatic payments or not and then change your payment method at any time.
  • I got lower rates and fees with Upstart than what other lenders were offering me.
  • I got my money in the bank, ready for immediate use, in only a single day.
  • Upstart was flexible so I could set up affordable monthly payments for the term and the principal I needed.
  • Upstart rewarded me for things other lenders would not instead of just basing rates on credit score alone.
  • This is a great way to consolidate your student loans and other loans and get a single, lower monthly payment.

At Bonsai Finance, we can help you evaluate Upstart reviews and other lenders’ reviews. We do not high pressure you into any particular loan decision.