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Valuable attributes top credit cards
16 Feb 2018

Valuable Attributes of Top Credit Cards

Credit cards serve multiple purposes. They are not only used as an extra source for spending. They can also help build credit and even bring rewards. The wrong credit card, however, can bring more financial complications. It is pertinent that you learn about the details of each card before you apply. Bonsai Finance helps to narrow down your choices and lead you to the best credit card for your situation. Consider the characteristics below as you look through your choices.

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Interest Rates

Interest rates on top credit cards are often found to be competitive. However, some cards have drastically higher rates. Cards that are meant for building credit are often upwards of 20 percent. With high rates, it pays to shop around before deciding on one to apply for. You can also try to build up your credit score before applying. Offers with reasonable credit rates often become available soon after your credit shows improvement. You can also avoid the interest on your card by paying off your balance each month.

Referral of Top Credit Cards

Bonsai Finance can help you find the best credit card for you particular type of credit. There are various options depending on your credit score. No matter what, there are some excellent options for most people, regardless of their score. We can narrow down the vast market for you and get you moving towards your credit goals.

Annual Fees

Many credit cards add annual fees to their offer of credit. These fees are in addition to interest rates and other fees. Recent laws have started to address the problem of credit companies that prey on people with poor credit. There are now caps on these fee amounts, however, companies often get around these rules by calling the fees registration or activation fees. This often allows them to get away with a one-time extra charge. So, read the fine print before you get caught up in a web of extra charges.


Several top credit cards offer rewards as an incentive for regular use. These can be great motivational tools for bringing in new card holders. Cash back is a popular reward that gives monetary compensation for regular use. People who travel a lot often prefer a card that offers frequent flyer miles. These can be redeemed for future flights. Certain cards also offer a VIP status that results in discounts at many different venues, such as restaurants and retail stores. Choose the reward that best fits your lifestyle.

Credit cards may seem to be all the same until you begin to research. It is best to wait on your application until you have a full understanding of available cards. Do not settle for a poor card due to your credit issues. There are better options that can benefit those with low credit. Look into interest rates and reward programs, as well. The right card is out there, and we can help you find it.