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Visa or Mastercard
25 Jul 2019

Visa Or Mastercard: Which Credit Card Is Right For You?

When you have to choose between Visa or MasterCard, you realize that the differences are many. You cannot make the decision without knowing the differences between them. These two are the largest payment networks in the U.S. There are billions of cards bearing these labels all over the world.

This global reach makes it easier to connect banks, retailers, and other financial institutions that help you save money and transfer it from one account to the other.

Choosing a Credit Card: Visa or MasterCard

If you are faced with the decision of Visa or MasterCard, you need all the facts. These facts will help you decide which one is more suitable for your needs.
Here are a few differences.

Visa or MasterCard: Payment Networks

The first thing you need to understand is that neither MasterCard nor Visa issue credit cards. They are both just backend technology systems. Their main job is to make sure that money is exchanged safely and correctly.

They mostly connect merchants and banks for making credit card purchases. They work with banks to get customers the cards and distribute them in various financial institutions. It means that most of the card payment rewards you see on credit card advertisements are sometimes offered through the issuing financing institution.

Sometimes, the payment networks offer the payments.

When it comes to what customers get from these two, the difference is too little to be noticed. In truth, most of the benefits you get in terms of payment networks are from the card issuers not the Visa or MasterCard companies.

They are both great at protecting your identity and personal information. This makes processing payments faster and quicker.


Most vendors accept both Visa and MasterCard. If they can take one, they will definitely take the other. This means you can use any card that you have, anywhere you want to whether it is traveling or buying groceries.

More than 200 countries around the world and thousands of businesses within America accept both these cards as viable payment mechanisms. Companies that do not take one but will take the other make this decision based on their size.

Statistics have shown that there are more than 3.3 billion Visa cards all over the world and only 2.4 billion MasterCard. Therefore, there are certain places that will only accept Visa cards because people in that area mainly use those.

Sometimes companies like Costco only accept Visa cards because of the exclusive agreements they have made about payment plans with the issuer.

Card Issuers

While the Visa and MasterCard are not the only payment channels, some banks only use one and not the other. Therefore, if you are loyal to a particular bank, you are likely to get a Visa or a MasterCard.

All banks, big or small, will favor one over the other.

Most account holders prefer to keep all their money in one place, so they will favor one bank to the others. Bank of America is the only bank in the U.S that favors neither of the two. Therefore, you might get one or the other, or both if you have multiple accounts.

Visa vs MasterCard: Benefits on Loyalty

The differences between these cards are minimal if any. They both have similar features on the primary level. However, when you look at loyalty programs, some differences are worth noting.

Types of Visa Cards

It is important that you understand the types of cards available in each category. There are three different types of visa cards, easily identifiable by the branding that appears on the cards.

Visa traditional is the basic visa tier and is mostly used on cards that offer lower credit limits and fewer reward programs.

Visa signature is found on a higher tier of travel and cash-back cards. Whether you get a traditional or a signature depends on the amount that your credit limit is set at. In most cases, this limit must be above $5000.

Visa infinite is the highest- tier of credit cards and has high. It, however, also carries hefty annual fees. The credit limit with these one starts at $10000.

Visa Benefits

• 10% discounts at breakfast from preferred hotels
• 10% off the Herts rentals
• 35%off on car rentals at AVIS
• VIP privileges in 900 hotels worldwide
• 30% off the green fees in 30 clubs worldwide

Types of MasterCard

The standard MasterCard offers the lowest credit limit and has no rewards for routine spending.

World MasterCard has a large number of benefits for users and is focused mostly on people who travel a lot. The loan limit is similar to that offered for visa signature users.

World Elite MasterCard is the premium card and is associated with high travel rewards and credit cards. The loan limit is $10000 and more.

MasterCard benefits

• Only 10% off on Hertz rental
• SPG gold status
• Access to lounges at 600 airports worldwide
• VIP privileges at select hotels

For infinite visa holders, you also get the Hilton honors Gold status and complimentary green fees at the Sentosa golf clubs Tanjong course. You will also enjoy numerous discounts from different retailers and restaurants and global customer assistance 24/7.

MasterCard elite holders enjoy the discounts on private jets, global ATM network, deals at hotel ground services like limo rides, global customer assistance 24/7, and complimentary travel insurance. You also get purchase protection of up to $20,000 and $2,000 or warranty on purchases. They also agreed to cut costs for some merchants in Europe, benefiting American businesses that ship from there.

Visa or MasterCard: How Do You Choose the Best One

From the benefits listed above, you need to do your research and find a great plan that works for your lifestyle, whether it’s Visa or MasterCard. For instance, if you travel a lot, choose one that helps you save money and time on your travel while still enjoying the best services. The rates differ significantly, and it is worth ensuring that you are getting a good deal.

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