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Best Wells Fargo Credit Cards
1 Jun 2018

What are the Best Wells Fargo Credit Cards?

When looking for a new credit card, you should consider one of the largest banks in the world, Wells Fargo. With over 70 million customers globally, they are well equipped to offer a wide range of credit cards.

Figuring out which one is right for you may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. We’re going to review the best Wells Fargo credit cards.

We’ll tell you the good, the bad, and the bonuses to each one. You’ll be able to find the card to fit your needs.

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Best Card for Gas and Grocery Spending

If you’re looking for a well-rounded card that has generous rewards on everyday purchases then the Wells Fargo Rewards Card is the card for you.

The Basics

You’ll earn five points on the dollar for the first six months you have your card. This earning potential only applies to gas, grocery, and drugstore expenditures up to $12,500 in purchases.

Everything else you purchase will earn one point per dollar you spend. There is no annual fee and for the first 15 months, there is zero percent for an annual percentage rate.

Best Features

The best features of this card are that you don’t have to pay an annual fee and you get rewards. If you are planning a road trip this would be a great card to get right beforehand.

The zero percent APR for the first fifteen months is great if you are planning on transferring a balance. This allows you to use one hundred percent of your payments to go towards the amount you owe and not paying interest.


You could potentially have a high APR after the introductory period. The APR is dictated by your creditworthiness.

After the first fifteen months, the APR will be anywhere from 18.65 to 27.49 percent. There is also a balance transfer fee.

You will pay three percent or five dollars, whichever is great, during the first fifteen months.

After the initial introductory period, the fee goes up to five percent or five dollars, whichever is greater. These fees don’t sound like much but could add up quickly when transferring large balances.

Other Benefits

There are additional benefits that come with having a Wells Fargo Rewards Card. You will get emergency card replacement, auto rental damage waiver, and roadside dispatch.

If you travel you’ll have travel accident insurance and travel and emergency assistance service. These will come in handy and it means you don’t need to buy additional insurance when traveling.

This rewards card also gives you cell phone protection. This could save you hundreds of dollars if you are prone to breaking your phone.

Standard card features are also included such as zero liability, overdraft protection, rapid alerts, and chip technology. Visa has also verified the card.

Best Card for Gas and Dining Spending

For flexible rewards and great offers for new cardholders, the Wells Fargo Propel 365 American Express Card is perfect. You have the flexibility to get rewards on the things you spend money on every day.

The Basics

With the 365 American Express card you’ll earn a variety of points depending on what where you make a purchase. For every dollar you spend on purchases at a gas station you’ll earn three points. This rivals some of the best gas rewards cards out there.

For every dollar you spend at a restaurant you’ll earn two points. All other purchases you make will earn you one point.

You will have zero percent APR for the first year on all purchases and balance transfers.

Best Features

If you have a qualifying Wells Fargo account you’ll earn even more rewards when you go to redeem your points. You could earn ten to fifteen percent more points making it a great credit card for cash back rewards.

Let’s say you have a Wells Fargo checking account. When you redeem your points to your checking account you’ll earn an extra ten percent.

In addition to this, you’ll earn an extra 2,500 if you spend $25,000 in a year. This may sound like a lot, but if you strategically shop and pay bills the total expenditures add up.

If your Wells Fargo accounts have a balance of more than $250,000 then you’ll earn fifty percent more when you redeem your points. You will also earn an extra 12,500 when you spend $25,000 annually.


There is an annual fee of $45 after the first year. You could also end up with a high APR after the first year depending on your creditworthiness.

The standard APR will be between 15.49 and 23.49 percent. You will also be charged for balance transfers at a rate of three percent or five dollars, whichever is greater.

Other Benefits

This card comes with all the benefits that you would expect from a Wells Fargo credit card. You will have travel accident insurance, auto rental collision and liability, and roadside assistance.

There are extra benefits with the 365 American Express such as lost luggage reimbursement and concierge service. The card also has the standard benefits of auto rental collision insurance, roadside assistance, and travel and emergency assistance.

Finally, you will have protection while shopping. The card covers retail protection, extended warranty protection, and return protections.

Best Card for Travel Spending

The Wells Fargo Advisors by Invitation card is a must if you travel a lot. You need to be a Wells Fargo Advisor client to qualify for the card.

The Basics

You will have an annual percentage rate of fourteen percent. Three points are earned for every dollar spent on travel expenditures.

Two points are earned on every dollar spent on purchases at restaurants. One dollar is earned on all other purchases you make.

With this card, your points will add up quickly if most of your purchases are made while dining out or traveling. You will also get the benefit of no foreign transaction fee and the Visa Signature benefits.

Visa Signature Rewards

Visa Signature Rewards are the most common rewards for travel. Those who benefit from Visa Signature receive rewards from the luxury hotel collection.

You’ll have special rewards beyond that included with the Wells Fargo reward program. Rental car privileges are included so you can ride in a luxury Audi for your next rental.

Interested in Sonoma wine country or golf, special themed rewards are available. You’ll also have access to world-class celebrity chefs and winemakers for a truly unique experience.

Best Features

The card gives an anniversary gift each year. You will receive a bonus gift of 35,000 points for every year that you spend $75,000.


While the first year’s annual fee is waived, you will have to pay an annual fee of $350 for each year following. You can avoid the annual fee if you have an existing account relationship and meet certain requirements.

Your household will need to at least one million in assets in your Wells Fargo accounts. This total is checked on June 30th of each year. The fee is billed in September.

Other Benefits

Since this card is meant for people who travel, it comes with extra travel benefits. One of the most notable being a statement credit for Global Entry or TAS Precheck.

Other benefits include hotel theft protection, emergency medical and dental, travel insurance, and emergency evacuation. You will also have access to a concierge service.

Best Card for Students

If you are a student looking to start building your credit the Wells Fargo Cash Back College Card is designed for you. Those with low or no credit can obtain a card.

The great differentiator with this card is that you can earn rewards while you build your credit. You’ll also have access to money management tools to help you learn how to responsibly use your new credit card.

The Basics

The Cash Back College card will have a zero percent APR on all purchases for the first six months. After the first six months, you can expect an APR or 12.65 to 22.65 based on your creditworthiness.

For the first three months that you have the card, you’ll earn three percent on all purchases of gas, grocery, and drugstores. After the first three months, the rewards go down to one percent.

Best Features

There is no annual fee, which is great for student who is on a budget. You’re trying to build your credit, not spend money.

You will also get more benefits with this card than other cards intended for people with low or no credit. You will get travel and emergency assistance, rental coverage, roadside assistance, and emergency card replacement.


If this is not your first credit card and you are planning on transferring a balance there are some fees you need to know about. You will have to pay the higher of three percent or five dollars, whichever is great.

If you transfer a balance after the introductory period you’ll have to pay a fee that could be up to five percent or five dollars — whichever is the greater fee.

One percent on spending rewards is not very good in comparison to other cards on this list. So if you are not someone with bad or no credit, then this card doesn’t compete when it comes to rewards.

However, if you are a student looking to build credit the one percent is more than what you can get with other cars. You’ll find that many credit cards for no credit individuals do not offer any rewards.

You will also have a foreign transaction fee of three percent. This is important to keep in mind if you are planning on traveling abroad. You will not want to use this card while traveling as you will end up with a hefty bull due to fees.

Other Benefits

Some other benefits you will have with the Cash Back College Card is online access and automatic payments. You’ll be able to see your account anytime you want online.

You won’t have to worry about missing a payment since Wells Fargo will automatically bill you and take payment. Account alerts will also keep you in the know on your account activity.

You’ll be able to know where you are with your spending at any time, which will help you prevent you from overspending. Wells Fargo supports the education of financial responsibility by offering budgeting tools.

Zero liability and overdraft protection are also offered to round out the financial security benefits that come with the card. All of these benefits and mobile payment are easily accessible through the app.

How the Best Wells Fargo Credit Cards Rewards Work

The two main ways you get receive your Wells Fargo rewards are by cash back or general rewards. The rewards are delivered through the Go Far Rewards program.

You can earn extra rewards by shopping on Wells Fargo’s Earn More Mall. There are major retailers that participate so you’re sure to find something you like.

When shopping in the online mall you’ll earn 10 points per dollar. The Go Far rewards can be redeemed as credit towards your Wells Fargo loan, online auctions, travel, merchandise, digital downloads, and gift cards.

The points have a cash value of one cent. So if you want a gift card of $25, you will need 2,500 points. If you get a cash back rewards card you’ll automatically be registered in the Go Far Rewards program.

You can earn points without limit. After five years the points you’ve earned will expire.

Which is the Best Card For You?

When choosing from the best Wells Fargo credit cards, it’s important to find one that fits your needs. There is no point having a travel rewards card if you never travel.

Start by looking at your current credit situation and what you spend money on. Then match that with the Wells Fargo card that fits.

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