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about Easy Approval Credit Cards
15 May 2019

What You Should Know about Easy Approval Credit Cards

Many people are searching for easy approval credit cards because it’s not always easy to qualify for a lot of the cards out there. There is a lot that goes into the credit card application process. Your past credit history, your income, your bank balance, and your debts all have a bearing over whether you qualify for a new credit card and how easily you can be approved. In this article, you can learn more about the credit cards that approve people fastest and without all the added verification of most of the other cards.

Why Should You Get a Credit Card?

Millions of Americans use credit to make many of their payments from grocery shopping, gas purchases, travel, and other payments. Having and using a credit card is the best way to build your credit score over time steadily. This gives you access to loans and other credit facilities, which you may want to use to buy furniture for your home, for a new car, for a home mortgage, or other loans that you may want to apply for.

Building your credit score is something you should think about as soon as possible. It takes time to build it and prove your creditworthiness. You have to be prepared to consistently pay your monthly payments on time over a long period of time. This shows lenders that you can be trusted with their money. When you eventually need some kind of loan or cash advance in an emergency situation, for example, a higher credit score is going to help you get approved.

Easy Approval Credit Cards Options

Many of the top credit cards out there are not the easiest to qualify for. This is because to get access to the high credit lines on offer, the banks and financial institutions need to do a lot of verifications first. There are, however, other options to get a credit card quickly approved.

Here are two great unsecured credit card options for you to look at. These easy approval credit cards can get you started. You can also go the other route and start off with a secured credit card to help boost your credit. These tend to be the easiest to get approval for because you are making an upfront deposit to borrow and spend against. This eliminated the risk for the credit provider.

  • Capital One® Platinum Credit Card- If you are looking for limited credit to start off with, this card is ideal. There is no annual fee, which means that you can keep the charges down to a minimum. As you build your on-time payment record, you get access to additional credit and boost your credit score. This card can be a great introductory credit card for complete newbies. The main thing that you have to pay attention to is the relatively high-interest rate. This card works best if you are prepared to keep a low balance on your account and are willing to forgo rewards and cashback points.
  • Indigo® Platinum MasterCard- This card is ideal if your credit is bad. You can get prequalified for this card. Once you are approved, the annual fee is $75 in the first year and $99 in successive years. This card allows you to build up your credit without all the perks and frills of rewards. Unlike a secured card, you don’t have to make an upfront deposit.

There are many easy approval credit cards. Some come from the top banks, while others come from a variety of lenders. If you pay close attention to the finer details, you can find a card that approves you quickly and gives you access to credit in no time. If you have any other questions credit cards, loans, or anything else related to finance, check out our site.

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