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Save Money With Gas Cards
22 Aug 2018

Who Can Save Money With Gas Cards?

Every wonder if gas cards would save you a lot of money every month, and every year, if you used them for all of your gasoline purchases?

For most people, the answer is you would certainly save some money, and probably, you could save quite a bit if you used your gas card correctly. But it’s not all about wise usage. It starts with wise selection of the best possible gas card offer.

What Kinds of Benefits Do Gas Cards Offer?

There are several different types of gas credit cards, and the benefits vary a bit based on which kind you choose.

First, there are company-specific gas cards that only give you cash back, or points, when you buy gasoline at a specific gas station company. Sometimes, the points systems are generous and simple, but other times, they are quite complex and would only save you money if you spent a very large number of gallons of gas per month.

Second, there are credit cards that give you cash back or points that can ultimately be redeemed to buy gas – and that can be used at multiple brands of gas station, or even at any gas station. These are more flexible, but you still have to compare how valuable the perks are.

A card you can only use at one gas station brand but that gives you more savings might be better if you can conveniently locate that kind of gas station when needed.

Third, there are gas credit cards that do more than just save you on gas. They might also give you cash back percentages on groceries, hotel stays, restaurants, airline tickets, bus or train tickets, and more. Some of these are really full-fledged travel credit cards, but they include a gas card element.

Ultimately, the benefit of using a gas card is simple: you save money every time you fill up your gas tank. The exact manner in which the savings come can vary, but for most people it’s the bottom line savings amount rather than the exact system that matters most.

But here are a few other factors to consider, aside from raw savings, as to why you should use a gas card:

  • It’s much more convenient to use a credit card at the gas pump than to walk in and out of the station, plunking down cash after guessing on how much money it will take to fill (but not overfill) your tank, so you don’t have to trudge back in to get your change. Why not make it a gas card that gives you savings on top of convenience?
  • Consistently using a credit card for gas purchases will make it easy to see exactly how much you’re spending per month on gas. That helps with budgeting and planning.
  • If you pay off your gas card balance in full every month, you’ll never pay interest, you’ll earn cash back, AND you’ll build up your credit score by making lots of on-time payments.

How Can I Find The Best Gas Card?

There are literally hundreds of gas card offers out there today. Credit card companies know it’s a kind of a card people are looking for, so they move to meet the demand. The result is an overabundance of options but with only a fraction of the options being the truly best options.

At Bonsai Finance, we offer you the use of our free search engines that can rapidly scour the Internet to find gas card offers that meet your specific preferences.

Instead of randomly picking out a card or just going with the company that sent ads in the mail, a much more organized search through Bonsai can quickly put the best gas cards before you!