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Guaranteed payday loans direct lenders
22 Sep 2017

Guaranteed payday loans direct lenders

All but the richest among us will have times when they suddenly face a financial crisis and are unable to get through it without relying on some form of financing.

But credit today can be tight in many quarters, and even when you can gain approval for a loan, the process might be unacceptably slow and tedious. And there is not guarantee that after all the time and effort you put into pursuing the loan that you will even be approved in the end.

Add to that below average credit scores or lack of a significant credit history, and the fact you need a small, short-term loan for personal expenses, and it might be next to impossible to borrow fast cash via “conventional means.”

Guaranteed Payday Loans Direct Lenders

One major solution when you are in a financial bind and need to get to the next paycheck, is to take out a short-term payday loan. These loans are only for relatively small amounts, maybe a few hundred to a thousand dollars, and for 2 to 4 week periods.

If your financial crisis is only short-term, meaning you have reliable income going forward to repay the loan and to avoid a repeat crisis, then a payday loan may be able to get you out of a tough spot.

Many payday loans are from direct lenders, not from a regular bank, which allows you greater flexibility and a much greater chance of approval. In fact, payday loan customers are so routinely approved that they are sometimes referred to as “guaranteed.”

Guaranteed payday loans direct lenders provide are also quickly processed, and oftentimes, processed entirely online. You may be required to have an active US checking account, and sometimes, you might have to stop by a physical location to finalize a loan, but frequently, you can get approved online instantaneously after an only minutes-long request process.

Payday Loan Credit Cards

At Bonsai Finance, we not only offer guaranteed payday loans as a direct lender but we also allow you to speed up the process and make it even more convenient by using a payday loan unsecured credit card.

You don’t even have to have a checking account if you choose to load your payday loan onto a specialized payday loan credit card. You simply arrange for your paycheck to be loaded onto the card as well and for your loan payment(s) to be automatically deducted from it. Thus, the card itself functions much like a checking account, besides facilitating the loan and acting a bit like a credit card.

Online Personal Loans

Besides guaranteed payday loans direct lenders like Bonsai Finance provide, you should also consider online personal installment loans.

These loans allow you to take out a bit more a bit longer, say up to $5,000 for as long as two years. Thus, if you have a steady income and can make your loan payment on time but are dealing with a financial problem that is a little longer and larger, no-collateral personal loans might be a better option than payday loans.