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How much is car insurance
3 Nov 2017

How much is car insurance

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How Much is Car Insurance for Those with Bad Credit?

People under the pressure of bad credit usually are not sure about how much car insurance is for them and their valued cars. The calculations that car insurance providers use vary, but most do include to some degree or another the credit score or history of a potential insured driver. That is where many people get tripped up on the fact that they are not certain about how much does car insurance cost or how much is car insurance per month. They simply see the bottom line or the monthly nut, and then they are scared off by the number.

The true number is weighted and slightly skewed by one’s credit history. What weighs heavy on many people is that their past mistakes or even hardships can cost them far down the line. This can come in the form of high auto insurance rates. Their question of how much is car insurance leaves them no longer wondering but trying to figure out how to actually make ends meet with or without auto insurance.

That is a dangerous position to be in.

Use What You Have to Help with Your Situation

Car insurance can cost more for those with no credit or bad credit. Keep that in mind. It can also run high when you choose to insure a high priced vehicle or even a sporty type of vehicle that is also considered risky. Combine bad credit or no credit with a high risk vehicle and you have the formula for a high priced auto insurance payment and premium.

Simply, at that point, you need to do a plain and simple gut check. There are some things you can do to lower your car insurance costs.  For instance, select a later model car over a newer car. You could also select a more economical car instead of a full powered muscle car or a sleek and fancy sports car. You have some options for you to improve your own situation on your own terms.

Use a No Credit Check Personal Loan to Get the Money You Need

You do not need to suffer needlessly. Your car insurance costs do not need to be a burden for you and your personal budget. Simply get your money via personal loan with no credit check.

How do you qualify for a such a loan?

  • You must be at least 18 years old and no older than 65 years old
  • You must be able to verify consistent regular income via bank transactions
  • You will need to provide a credit or debit card to act as a backup payment option
  • You will have to supply a cell phone number that can receive both regular phone calls and text messages as well as voicemail messages

If you meet the above mentioned criteria, you can expect clearly defined terms with competitive rates and terms. Also, you can end the worry about car insurance costs.

The point: How Much is Car Insurance?

The question “How much is car insurance?” is obviously too vague to be adequately answered, for too many factors enter in to make the price vary from person to person. One of those factors, however, is your current credit score.

Fair or not, most car insurance companies resort to credit scores as a means of determining insurance rates. This is not always true, and the difference in price may not always be much. But it is a factor, at least, most of the time.

So, you can expect to normally pay a little more for car insurance if your credit is poor. But you can offset this by other factors like your driving record, your age, your having a college degree or higher, or by simply going with liability coverage only or driving a less expensive car.

But one factor to also take carefully into consideration is which insurer you use. Finding the right insurer can mean lower rates despite your bad credit.

How Much Is Car Insurance With Bad Credit Located Through Bonsai?

At Bonsai Finance, we can use our deep experience and intricate knowledge of numerous insurance companies’ policies, as to rates for those with bad credit, to help you save money.

After all, car insurance is one of the quickest, easiest areas where you can reduce expenditures and save money every month. There is likely a better deal out there than you are aware of, and we can help you find it.

First, there are some insurers who don’t use your bad credit against you in determining rates. We can show you which companies in your state or locality fit that description.

Second, we can inform you of which companies that do charge a bit more to poor credit policy holders, have the least span of difference (all other things being equal.)

Third, we can take into account all other relevant insurance factors, aside from credit history, to find you your best overall offers. Our search engines are powerful and can use your stated preferences to nearly instantaneously bring up your best offers.

At that point, we can help you by answering any questions you may still have about the companies on your “short list” so you will make an informed decision you will never regret.

Balancing Car Insurance Cost With Value

It won’t always be true that the cheapest policy is the best one, nor that the company that doesn’t take credit scores into account at all will be your ideal choice.

After all, you want a reputable, reliable company and a policy that gives you the most coverage per dollar spent.

Our staff at Bonsai Finance can help you understand which car insurance companies and which specific policies offer the best value, besides helping you find the lowest prices and companies that won’t punish you much or at all for your prior credit history.