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How to Find the Best Car Insurance When You Aren't the Best Driver
21 Sep 2018

How to Find the Best Car Insurance When You Aren’t the Best Driver

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Is your driving record less than perfect? Are you struggling to find a good insurance policy?

More than 10 million people report driving drunk each year, and it can be difficult to find car insurance under these circumstances. They may resort to buying insurance policies that are way too high just because they didn’t know where to look.

We’ll cover some of the ways you can find auto insurance with a record of accidents or DUIs. The best car insurance companies will work with you to find a low-cost policy that meets your needs.

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Am I a High-Risk Driver?

If you have a questionable driving record that includes multiple traffic violations, you’re probably a high-risk driver. In case you have been caught drinking or using drugs while driving, you’ll probably have a higher insurance premium.

There are other categories of high-risk drivers that include new drivers, elderly drivers, and drivers with severe medical conditions. It can seem frustrating to find good auto insurance, but it’s important to make sure you’re covered.

If you’re concerned that you’ve been placed into a high-risk category by your insurance company, give them a call and ask why your premiums have gone up. You may be paying automatically each month and not notice that your premiums are higher. Take the time and review your insurance bill each month.

Drivers who have been involved in serious accidents or who have DUIs should know that the accidents can drop off their records after a few years. That’s not true in all states, but often the record of an accident will be erased after three years. Check with insurance companies that are known for offering car insurance for a bad driving record.

What Is an SR-22?

If you fall into the category of high-risk driver, talk to your insurance company about getting an SR-22. It’s a “vehicle liability insurance form” that many states require from those with a patchy driving history.

Basically, an SR-22 proves that you have insurance and covers the potential cost of future accidents. Some states want huge financial deposits to reinstate high-risk drivers. The SR-22 allows the state to waive that cost, letting you back on the road sooner.

The best car insurance companies can work with you to figure out how to get your license back if you have lost it. They can help you file an SR-22 and keep it on file for three years – the average length of time required in most states.

If you need the best car insurance for bad record, look around for insurance companies that are known to work with risky drivers. Don’t accept the first quote, but keep going until you find a good price.

How Can I Lower My Insurance Premiums?

You have several options for lowering your insurance payments after an accident.

Ask your insurance company if you can take a defensive driving class, especially if you’re over the age of 65. Spending a few hours in a classroom or going online could save you money on a new insurance policy.

Another option to save money on car insurance is to set up a higher deductible with your insurance company. You should be careful not to make it too high. It should be an amount that you could pay immediately if another accident were to happen.

Look for cars that have newer airbag systems and high-quality seat belts. You might be surprised to learn that upgrading your car could save on car insurance.

Insurance companies often offer discounts for drivers with low mileage. If you can take a bus or train to get back and forth from work or share the ride with your co-workers, you could qualify for a lower premium.

Finally, if you have an older vehicle, you might want to remove the collision coverage on your insurance. If you think that making repairs on your car would cost more than your car is worth, you could probably skip the collision coverage.

How Much Should My Car Insurance Cost?

There is no quick answer for how much average car insurance cost. Car insurance prices vary widely based on your age, credit score, and even the state that you live in.

People who live in busy urban areas will likely pay more for their car insurance. Younger drivers with no credit might be facing higher fees as well.

If you’ve had a DUI, you may have to pay a higher cost for your insurance or be forced to take out full insurance instead of just liability. Car insurance costs will also vary according to the type of car that you drive: a Porsche will cost more than a regular sedan.

The important thing to keep in mind is that you need to find an insurance company that will work with you. Even if you have had accidents in the past, you still deserve to find a great auto insurance policy. Shop around: you might be surprised at the rates you can find, even with a DUI or other accident.

Find the Best Car InsuranceFinding the Best Car Insurance

The most important thing to remember if you’re a high-risk driver is to take your time to compare insurance rates. You don’t need to settle for the first offer you get. Keep going until you find a company that suits your needs.

You may have to keep your SR-22 on file for three years: that’s how long it typically takes for a DUI to come off your record. Don’t be afraid to ask if an insurance company offers SR-22 services, and be forthcoming about past accidents.

There are more than six million car accidents every year in the United States. If you’ve been involved in one, it’s vital that you get the right coverage. Don’t worry about being classified as high risk; focus on getting back to a point where you can get the best car insurance rates.

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