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Car Insurance quotas
25 Jun 2018

Looking For the Best Quote on Car Insurance?

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If you’re about to switch cars, buy an additional car, or if you’re just looking for a way to painlessly save money, you may well be asking yourself the question, “How much is car insurance per month generally and how can I find my best offer?”

The truth is, most people can find a better car insurance offer if they only know where to look for it. Here’s some help on how to find your best value on the dollar for car insurance.

How Much Is Car Insurance Per Month?

There’s no easy, one size fits all answer to the question of how much car insurance is likely to cost. It turns on many factors, including the following:

  • Things you can do nothing about, like your age and gender.
  • Things you can gradually change, such as your driving record and credit score.
  • Things you can change immediately at will, like how much coverage you want.
  • And factors you can change quickly, but with greater difficulty, like what kind of car you drive or what sort of driving habits your job and lifestyle require.

There are many who can get car insurance as low as $35 a month, while for others, $100 or $200 per month might be a competitive quote. Thus, with car insurance, there is wide variance in cost and quotes are formulated based on complex equations by insurance companies.

But the good news is, since each company weighs risks against the desire to gain a new customer, in a somewhat different way, price-differences for the exact same type of cover for the very same person also differ significantly.

That means there’s likely a lower quote out there somewhere, and it’s just a matter of locating it.

How Can I Find My Best Car Insurance Offer?

There are many different ways you can collect and compare car insurance quotes.

You could ask a friend which insurer he/she uses, just see the business signs for car insurance companies as you drive around your local town, or find ads in newspapers or magazines.

But the fastest, most wide-ranging way to find car insurance options for your state is online. In fact, the problem often is that you find far too many possibilities popping up on your screen all at once. You hit page after page of possible options after a single Google search.

But how do you investigate so many competing companies? Most people just peruse the first page of their search results, at most, and nothing more because it’s impractical to look up all of them. But that doesn’t really ensure you’ll find your best car insurance deal.

Why Choose Bonsai Finance?

At Bonsai Finance, we offer solutions for those searching for a new car insurance policy online. Our powerful, speedy search engines scan the Internet and almost instantly select out the offers that best fit your search criteria.

Why waste your time wading through the less optimal options? You can quickly narrow your search based on the very features you’re looking for in car insurance, including monthly premiums.

That saves you valuable time and gets you better results. And that’s what we’re all about here at Bonsai: matching you to the company and policy that will get you your desired coverage at as low a cost as possible.

How much is car insurance per month? That’s an open-ended question with an uncertain answer. But you can count on this: you’ll likely pay significantly less if you find your car insurance through Bonsai Finance!