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Dental Loans With Bad Credit
14 Jul 2019

5 Ways to Qualify for Dental Loans With Bad Credit

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Have you ever experienced the persistent gnawing pain of a toothache? This maddening pain isn’t only inconvenient, it can also become life-threatening.

Despite that, the average costs of fixing an infected tooth are extensive. Many individuals struggle to get dental loans for bad credit. We’re here to bring you the top five ways to get the financing you need.

Keep reading to get all the details.

1. Use a Credit Card

One way to finance a dental problem when you have bad credit is to use a credit card. You may wonder: can I get care credit with bad credit? Yes, and here’s how to get approved for care credit with bad credit:

  1. There’s no credit check for care credit eligibility
  2. Visit a dentist office that accepts care credit
  3. Apply for credit at the office, online, or over the phone
  4. Begin using the card to pay for dental services

The care credit bad credit option will help you get the care you need. Pay careful attention to the set period without interest charges. If you haven’t paid by that date, then you may get charged the interest.

2. Getting Dental Loans for Bad Credit

Do you know what to expect when it comes to taking out a loan? Here’s a good breakdown of the average dental costs of fixing an infected tooth:

  • Root canal: $500-1,600
  • Tooth extraction: $75-300
  • Dental implants: $1,500-$2,000
  • Dental crowns: $500-$2,500

To finance these expenses, consider taking out a personal loan. Getting a loan without income is difficult but not impossible. Seek out an installment loan when you can.

Keep an eye on the loan’s interest rates, and make sure the payments get reported to the credit bureaus. That way, your credit score will increase as you pay off the loan.

3. Ask Your Dentist About a Payment Plan

Dental finance for bad credit doesn’t have to be through a bank or loan agency. Try to work out a payment plan one-on-one with your dentist.

Many offices may offer you a better deal than a credit agency, and they may not even need to run a credit check.

4  Seek Out Dental School Trials

If you have no other choice, then don’t hesitate to reach out to your local dental school. Often, you can get procedures done by dental students at a fraction of the traditional cost.

Keep in mind that you’ll likely get put on a waiting list. Dental problems can turn deadly, so don’t delay too long.

5. Consider Raising Your Score and Reapplying

Have you already tried the above options? Are you still struggling to come up with a way to afford your dental care? You’re not alone.

The best thing you can do is commit to raising your credit score. Comb the web for information on how to raise your score, and do it.

Within a month or two, you should be able to increase your credit enough to reattempt the above methods.

Getting the Dental Care You Need

Medical experts agree that untreated dental issues cause other health problems. Dental loans for bad credit can mean the difference between good and poor health.

Have you ever struggled to get a loan for necessary dental work? How did you overcome your financial hurdles? Share your experiences with us by leaving a comment in the box below.

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