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Marcus by Goldman Sachs Review
19 Aug 2019

Bad Credit Loan Options: Marcus by Goldman Sachs Review

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If you want to go on a great vacation, finance your business, buy a new car or more, you probably will need a loan. With bad credit, your options can be limited.

Around 77% of people own multiple credit cards. They also can owe over $16,000 in credit debt.

Personal loans are one of the best options for bad credit loans. You don’t need collateral to get it and you can use the cash any way you want.

Need a little help finding an online loan? Our Marcus by Goldman Sachs review is going to give you an in-depth look at one of your choices — keep reading!

What is Marcus by Goldman Sachs?

You’ve no doubt heard of Goldman Sachs before. They are one of the largest investment banking and financial services companies in America.

Marcus is their new branch into the world of consumer lending and banking. They offer installment loans as well as no-frills banking and CDs.

Who is Marcus Ideal For?

Your credit score has seen better days? Marcus is one of the best bad credit loan lenders on the market.

There are no fees, not even for missed payments. You can even choose your own due date and change it up to three times.

Bonus: because Marcus is offered through Goldman Sachs, they offer fantastic customer service.

Borrowing with Marcus

The amount of money you can borrow starts at $3,500. It goes all the way up to $40,000 and you won’t need collateral to secure it.

Everything is done online, so it’s lightning fast and super convenient. Marcus allows you to choose your own monthly payment amount and loan term, then tries to work with you to match your needs.

They offer debt tools to help you keep track of your payments. After a year of paying on time, they’ll allow you to skip one month’s payment too.

Cons of Getting a Personal Loan with Marcus

Marcus has no fees, fast processing, works with bad credit, and is backed by one of the largest banks in the world. What’s the drawback?

Depending on how your credit is, you might not qualify. While they work with bad credit, around 580 to 660, if you’re below that, you don’t qualify. In a situation like that, you may want to consider no credit check loans.

APR can be as low as 5.99% but as high as 28.99% (24.99% for NY residents). Their cap is $40,000, so consider if you’ll need more than that.

As with any loan, it’s up to you to follow the terms and conditions. Make sure you understand everything before you commit.

Marcus by Goldman Sachs Review

We know our Marcus by Goldman Sachs review has given you enough insight to make your choice. It’s important that you feel empowered about your choices and start building back good credit.

Securing a personal loan can make a big difference in your life. Getting one with bad credit isn’t always easy, but it’s doable.

Looking for even more options? Want to learn more about payday loans no credit check? Check out our blog!

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