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8 Nov 2018

Do I Need a Bank Account to Secure Cash Loans?

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Are you in need of cash loans?

Many believe that in order to receive such a loan, you must have a bank account. But that isn’t necessarily the case. There are a few options available to those who need to borrow.

Especially if they only need a small amount of money and have an asset or something of value they can use as collateral. Read on to learn more about how you can receive a cash loan without a bank account today.

Cash Loans; What You Need to Know

There are several different types of loans and if you’re seeking a cash loan, it does not necessarily mean you are trying to take out a large amount of money. You may just need a small sum to tide you over or to pay off a debt quickly.

Those loans are more commonly referred to as “payday loans” and are easier to receive without a bank account than if you were trying to borrow a bigger chunk of change.

There are also secured and unsecured loans available to borrowers.

If you don’t have a bank account, a secured loan may be your only option to borrow money because it allows you to offer up something of value as collateral. The lender will hold onto until they are paid back in full.

An unsecured loan is offered by banks and requires them to check your credit and evaluate the state of your bank accounts.

Types of Collateral

Title loans are a popular option for those who own there own care outright. This allows you to borrow against your car and pay back what you’ve taken with interest.

A title loan doesn’t require you to hand over banking information, pay stubs or submit to a credit check. If you own the car, you will likely qualify for this type of loan and be able to receive hundreds or even thousands of dollars to borrow.

Property is another great use of collateral. If you own your home or some land, you can borrow against it and receive the cash you need. When putting up property as collateral, it’s a good idea to feel confident about your ability to pay the loan back so you don’t risk losing your asset.

Savings Account

Some people have a savings account but are opting out of traditional banking with a checking account. But that’s not a problem. A savings account, no matter how small it is, can be a helpful tool in securing a loan.

If you’re short on cash, the last thing you want to do is use up your savings. After all, that’s your safety net should there be an emergency. You’re better off using your savings account to help you secure the cash you need to borrow and pay it back over time.

Get Your Loan Today

If you need money quickly, cash loans are attainable, even without a bank account. Now you have an understanding of the different options available to you and can get the security you need today.

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