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Paying Off a Loan Early
22 Feb 2019

Get Rid of Debt Faster: 4 Tips for Paying Off a Loan Early

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Have you taken out a personal loan online?

You are not alone. Approximately, 120 billion dollars in personal loans was borrowed in 2018.

It feels great when you finally get your hands on the money you need. However, what is not so great is that sinking feeling you get when you realize you have to pay it back.

Naturally, you will want the process to be over as fast as possible but you may feel as if there isn’t much you can do except wait for time to pass. Thankfully this is not the case. Here are some tips that will help you with paying off a personal loan no credit check early.

1. Pay More

The easiest way to get a big or small personal loan paid off faster is to pay more than what is required of you every month.

How do you get this extra money?

Cut back on your expenses. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that add up, such as buying lunch everyday or going out every Friday night.

These are only two examples, you know the luxuries you have but could live without for a while. It will be well worth it when you see your loan balance declining.

2. Make Just One Extra Payment

Make one extra payment every year. It may not seem like a lot but if you have a five or even six-year loan making that one extra monthly payment for the year means that you will finish paying off the loan five or six months early.

That’s five or six months in which you can get your life back on track and save the money you would normally have used for the loan.

3. Hunt for Discounts and Sell Unwanted Items

Depending on who your bad credit loan lender is they may give discounts for enrolling in an autopayment method or even for agreeing to go paperless with your statements. Be sure to ask.

Another thing you can do is to sell items and clothes you may no longer need. There are several websites such as eBay and LetGo where you can go to unload your unwanted items for cash.

4. It May Be Time for a Credit Check

When was the last time you did a credit check? If you haven’t in a while maybe, it’s time that you did one.

You may find that your credit score has improved since you got the loan, yet you are still paying the same interest rate. Talk to your lender to see if you can get your interest reduced.

Final Thoughts on Paying off a Loan Early

Paying off a payday loan online ahead of time is absolutely possible if you are consistent with the methods that you use and ask the right people the correct questions.

Sometimes to finish paying off a loan early you have to sacrifice yourself and make extra payments. You may have to sell unwanted items, leverage any discounts that are available and even refinance your loan.

No matter how you achieve your early payoff goal, patience and consistency are key. If you would like more financial advice, please visit our blog. Here are some other articles you might find interesting:

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