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Guaranteed installment loans for bad credit
22 Mar 2018

Guaranteed installment loans for bad credit

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Many times in life there are complications that require a larger amount of money than you have on hand. There are many options that people consider during these times. Those with good credit may simply apply for a new card or request an increase on a current one. They may also take out a basic bank loan. This is not always a possibility, however, when credit scores are low. There are ways to back up a loan, other than reliable credit history, however. If you have a stable income or other collateral, guaranteed installment loans for bad credit may be possible.

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The installments in this type of loan refer to the method in which they are paid back. Your loan is evenly split into payments that occur monthly over the course of several months. Larger loans may be paid back over several years. The installment amount is decided by looking at a number of factors related to your income. You must verify all sources of income for the company to have a clear idea of what you are able to pay each month. Your regular expenses, such as rent, utilities, and car payments are also considered. This amount includes payments towards interest.

Application for Guaranteed Installment Loans for Bad Credit

To apply for a guaranteed installment loan for bad credit you are likely to undergo a credit check, however, this does not determine your eligibility. This gives the loan company an idea of how much they need to rely on other determining factors. Your income is the most important factor for most of these. Be sure to present proof of recent pay, and other income you may receive. This can include child support and social security. Welfare benefits may also be considered when your monthly expenses are calculated, as things like food stamps lower your financial responsibility. An honest breakdown of your financial assets and responsibilities can help the application process to go much faster. Bonsai Finance can help you find loans that align to your personal situation, so you do not waste time on the ones that do not fit.


The interest rates on guaranteed installment loans for bad credit may exceed what you expect. This is common, however, for all types of credit when your scores are low. Over time, with good payment history, high credit loans dissipate. The interest is added into your repayment options and can reach close to 50% in some cases. Early repayment can make a big difference, as it removes the accumulation of interest over time.

Guaranteed installment loans for bad credit are a viable option for individuals that are working on their credit.  A loan may even help to build credit by showing a positive line of credit on your report. The application process should be taken seriously so that the loan and payment schedule are calculated properly. Installments should work well into your budget, as well. These loans can help with sudden expenses, while also building your credit.