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Online Loans with Monthly Payments
19 Apr 2019

How to Get Quick Approval for Online Loans with Monthly Payments

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You need cash fast. You don’t have time for a lengthy application process. You need a bad credit loan with fast approval and quick payout.

Because of that, there are many lenders who would take advantage of your desperation. They’ll guarantee same-day cash only to charge puffed-up interest rates. In the end, the loan hurts more than it helps.

So what can you do? How do you choose a lender you can trust?

What type of loan is best and how do you apply? What can you do to get approved faster?

How do you ensure fast approval and payout without getting cheated?

Find the answers below. In this guide, we list your best options for a fast payout loan, how to choose carefully, and how to get approved fast. Follow these steps to get online loans with monthly payments in one business day or less.

Installment Loans are Worth the Wait

If at all possible, shoot for installment loans first. While they’re not as quick as a same-day personal or payday loans online, they can still be yours in as little as one business day.

The main benefit of installment loans is a significantly lower APR that caps at 35.99%. You’ll still get same-day approval, next-day payout, but at more affordable rates than your typical cash advance loan.

They’re also more affordable per month than cash advance loans in most cases. Cash advance loans are typically approved for very short loan terms. Installment loans allow much longer loan periods, which means smaller monthly payments.

You can usually get installment loans with bad or no credit. Many lenders offer no credit check installment loans.

However, most installment loans are approved for amounts between $500 and $5,000. To borrow more than this may require a different loan type.

Personal Loans

If you insist one business day is too long and you need money in your hand today, you may look for a bad credit personal loan that suits you. But with thousands of personal lenders to chose from, where do you start?

The best place to start is to find out what your credit score is so you know what you might get approved for. Then search for lenders that serve customers in your credit rating to find out what the interest rates and monthly payments they’re quoted so you have something to compare to when personal loan shopping.

Then, take this quote and compare it to the personal loans you find on a reputable personal lending network, like Bonsai Finance. A good lending network screens lenders ahead of time to match you up with the best deal from a trustworthy lender.

And after comparing, if you’re unable to find any agreeable loan terms, you can still take the installment loan.

Choosing the Right Lender and Preparing For Application

Step one when applying for any loan is preparing your documents. In general, this includes:

  • Your credit report
  • A valid ID
  • Proof of income from at least the last three months, possibly one year (bank statements, pay stubs)
  • Proof of residence such as a utility bill

Next, compare lenders. Aside from lending networks, you can compare lenders through online business review sites like Google My Business, or the BBB.

Of the most highly rated, find out which ones allow you to apply online. Submitting online rather than in person will save you loads of time.

Of these lenders, find out who pays out in one business day or less. Lastly, compare quotes to find the best rates and monthly payments.

Get Online Loans With Monthly Payments Fast

You don’t have to wait. Get the money you need now. Use these tips to get fast online loans with monthly payments you can afford.

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