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22 Jul 2019

How to Get the Most Value Out of a Personal Loan

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When you are in financial peril, a personal loan seems like the perfect solution. Well, if taken on an impulse and without proper guidance, you may end up creating lots of problems. For starters, failure to repay the personal loan can tarnish your credit score.

Not only that. It will be difficult for you to qualify for future loans. If it was a secured personal loan, you will end up losing your asset. Before taking out the loan, it is wise to know the value of a personal loan.

Read on and learn how to get the most value out of a personal loan.

Put the Money in a Savings Account

When you get your personal loan, deposit the amount in your savings account. Make sure that the savings account has a high-interest rate. If the loan has an interest rate of 10% and your high-interest rate savings accounts gets you 2% to 3%, you will get to lower your loan to 7% to 8%.

By doing so, you are able to manage your payments. Paying off the loan early shaves off months or years. Remember, the amount you have to pay as interest takes a huge chunk from your wallet.

Pay off High-Interest Loans

It is always wise to do a little comparison shopping before you take a personal loan. By doing so, not only will you end up getting the best personal loan but you also learn of personal loan options. During comparison shopping, one gets to compare different lenders and loan terms.

We recommend that you go for a lender providing personal loans with a lower amount of interest. Using available financial tools, begin paying off high-interest debts. This will give your credit score a boost and ensure you are eligible for future personal loans.

Remember, you still have to pay off the personal loan by a certain date.

Take the Costs of the Loan into Consideration

Although personal loans have a fixed interest rate, it is important to take into account the costs of the loan. That includes loan origination fees, application fees and the rest. When you include the loan origination fees to your loan, the cost of credit increases.

Another cost that most people don’t take into account when considering the value of a personal loan is the prepayment penalty. While most lenders do not charge prepayment penalties, it is important to pay off your loan early.

Borrow When Necessary

There are many personal loan uses 2019 and reasons why people take such loans. For starters, one may choose to take a personal loan in order to invest in the stock market. For instance, a valuable company is about to offer an IPO.

Investing in such a company allows one to make a quick return. Others may borrow the money to start a home online business while others may do so to fund a family vacation. To ensure that your credit score does not take a hit, never borrow to fund an extravagant lifestyle.

The best uses of a personal loan should only be those which enable you to make returns.

Getting the Best Value of a Personal Loan

To get the best value of a personal loan, start by understanding your financial situation. This will help you come up with the best personal loan uses 2019. For instance, you can take out the loan for debt consolidation or use it to fund your nano degree.

This allows you to get a better paying job and offset the loan quickly.

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