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Wisdom Tooth Extraction Costs
17 Jul 2019

How to Soften the Blow of Wisdom Tooth Extraction Costs

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Around 85% of people will have wisdom teeth removed at some point in their life.

It’s not a cheap process, either, in the event of an impacted wisdom tooth a single extraction could cost you up to $600 per tooth.

Wisdom tooth extraction costs are no laughing matter.

While dental insurance will often cover the removal of wisdom teeth, not everyone is in the right position when the teeth need to be removed. Read on and we’ll show you ways to help soften the blow that comes with the high prices of dental work.

Ask the Dentist About a Payment Plan

In many cases, you’ll be able to work out a payment plan with your dentist.

The problem is that this often means paying a significant proportion up front, and there are times when a wisdom tooth is an emergency.

If you can afford the upfront cost, payment plans often end up being the cheapest option in the long run. Not all dentists or oral surgeons are willing to make payment plans, and you may not be able to come up with a solution that works for both of you.

Set Limits with the Dentist

A quick look at dental prices tells us there’s an enormous price range for many dental procedures.

You should feel comfortable with your dentist to discuss the entire procedure. Anaesthesia, for instance, can cost hundreds of dollars and isn’t always necessary if you’re not squeamish and there are no major complications.

Likewise, if you can only afford the afflicted teeth being removed it may not be the best time to opt to “save” money by getting a discount on other wisdom teeth removed.

In the end, it’s your body and mouth that’s being taken care of and you can soften the blow a little bit by making sure you know your own limits and set fair boundaries with a dentist.

Consider a Personal Loan

One of the quickest and easiest ways to pay for your wisdom tooth extraction is with a personal loan. There’s usually someone willing to work with you no matter how bad your credit score might be, but expect to pay higher rates if you’re in that boat.

A personal loan is often an effective way to extend the payment process. While you’ll end up paying more interest over the lifespan of the loan, it’s a great way to ensure that your monthly payments aren’t going to be too high.

Taking on debt can be a difficult decision, but in emergency cases where you don’t have many options, a good loan can be an absolute lifesaver.

Buffering Wisdom Tooth Extraction Costs

If you’ve been hit suddenly with wisdom tooth extraction costs looming in the near future, there’s no need to panic. Do what you can to reduce the costs and then decide if a personal loan is right for your situation.

In the end, you may be able to afford the procedure without having to put yourself in a bad financial position.

If you’re staring down the dental drill in the near future, why not see what kind of options are available?

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