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Buying Down the Interest Rate
7 Mar 2019

How to Start Buying Down the Interest Rate on Your Loans

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Interest can really eat into your pocket money each month. Your interest rate may be as high as 28%, which means you’re paying a lot toward interest and probably not so much toward your actual loan.

Lowering your interest rate can help ensure that your funds really go towards paying off your installment loan. One way to do this is by buying down the interest rate.

What exactly does it mean to buy down an interest rate and how is it done? Keep reading to find out.

What Does it Mean to Buy Down Your Rate?

Buying down your interest rate essentially means that you’re paying fees in order to get a lower rate. This happens in the form of “points.” Essentially, points is another word for fees.

This type of system is most often found with mortgages, but you might encounter it with a personal loan. Essentially, you purchase points—or pay fees—that lower your interest rate.

You won’t save money up front when you do this since you’ll be paying fees. But you will have a lowered interest rate, so you’ll save over time. While you will ultimately save yourself some money, if you’re looking for instant gratification this isn’t the way to find it.

How to Get Started

To get started buying down your interest rate, talk to your personal loan provider. You can do this when your loan is still being negotiated.

Talk to your lender to hash out the details and see if buying down your rate is really worth it. You’ll need to ask yourself some questions before you proceed:

  • Can you afford to use the point system?
  • Will you actually benefit in the long run?
  • How much will you actually save?

If you don’t plan to have your loan for long, you may not find a large enough benefit to go with the point method. For example, payday loans online are usually only a very short term of up to a month. In this situation, trying to lower your interest rate with points won’t make sense. But, if you need a while to pay off your loan, buying down your interest rate can effectively save you some money.

If everything lines up satisfactorily, go ahead with buying down your interest rate. If it doesn’t, you may need to rethink some things.

Make sure you consider every aspect of buying down your rate. Otherwise, you may end up paying more money instead of saving more money.

Buying Down the Interest Rate can be Helpful

Buying down the interest rate that accompanies your personal loan no credit check isn’t always the best option, but it is worth looking into. A lowered interest rate means you won’t pay as much toward interest over the life of the loan.

If you’re looking to save some cash on a long-term loan, paying the fees to lower your interest rate may be worth it. So sit down with your loan provider to find out if this is the right option for you!

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