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9 Feb 2019

How to Use a Small Personal Loan for Building Credit

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Looking for a way to start building your credit?

Bad credit scores plague the credit histories of countless individuals across the world. These not only hurt someone chances of securing loans, but they also impact their lives in many different ways. It’s only natural that you try to find ways to rebound and increase your credit score.

How does one achieve this with such bad credit though?

Getting a small personal loan is one surefire way to help get you out of having bad credit. However, the process is not as simple as taking one and paying it back. There are things you should consider before you take out a personal loan for whatever reason you may have.

Read what’s below to find out what you need to know to get out of having bad credit or further improve your already good credit score.

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1. Determine Who Offers the Best Rates

Like when you’re shopping, you’ll want a loan that gives you the most value for your time and money. Therefore, it’s not a bad idea to keep looking at the rates of different lenders.

Even when a tempting offer is right before you, it’s always worth it to look around for more. More often than not, you’ll encounter a loan with better rates later on in the day. Make it a rule to scout different lenders first then only apply for a loan the next day or so.

2. Be Careful When Applying for Multiple Loans

A common mistake people make when they’re applying for small personal loans is applying for too many. This often leads to them having more than the needed number of approvals. Often, their budget doesn’t allow them to entertain these approvals at the same time.

They then need to deal with declining some lenders they got approval from. This becomes a problem later on because every application you make shows up on your credit history as a hard inquiry. This leads to them lowering the credit score they’re trying to boost in the first place.

3. Only Borrow What You Need

When you’re using personal loans to build credit, it’s a good idea to only borrow what you need. Most people often take the highest possible amount they’re approved for. This becomes a problem later on because they often don’t have the means to pay it back with interest.

Taking only small loans helps you manage your finances for when you’re due to pay it back. Even if you spend everything from your loan, you won’t have a dilemma because it’s only a small amount to pay.

Only borrow the amount you need for the things you could pay for. This will save you from the stress of having a huge debt.

4. Pay Your Loans Back on Time

The best way to build credit fast is to pay your loans back on time. This will reflect well on your credit history and credit report. This is because fiscal responsibility is a big factor in raising your credit score.

Doing this also helps you avoid racking up a bigger debt due to increasing interest rates. Lenders often have terms on their agreements that give an exponential increase to the interest rate if you’re late in paying your loan.

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