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I Need Money Today But I'm Unemployed
12 Apr 2019

I Need Money Today But I’m Unemployed

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Do you find yourself saying of late, “I need money today but I’m unemployed, and I don’t think anyone would lend me any money”? Maybe you’ve lost your job recently, relocated and haven’t found a new job so far, or have been retired and/or unemployed for some time.

The fact is, you can get fast cash loans rapidly even without a job. There are two basic ways you can do this.

I Need Money Today But I’m Unemployed!

Your situation is not nearly as hopeless as you might think. True, a traditional bank personal loan may not be an option. And you may not be able to get a new credit card in time, if at all. But there are other options.

Payday loans online and personal installment loans can be had on very short notice, with no down payment and no collateral. Don’t risk your home with a home equity loan or your car with a car title loan – it’s not necessary. It’s simple, quick, and easy to apply online today for a fast cash loan.

The money can be deposited into your bank account within one or two business days in most cases. And you can spend the borrowed cash immediately in any way you want – no questions asked. No other bad credit loan options are going to give you that kind of setup.

Do You Have Other Sources Of Income?

It’s true that going up to a lender and saying “I need money today but I’m unemployed” and then saying not another word wouldn’t be a good policy. But, the fact is, lack of employment isn’t always a problem.

With short-term personal loans no credit check, the issue is not having a job per se but having verifiable, reliable income. Any income at all will do so long as it’s regular and enough that you can reasonably be expected to repay your loan on time.

If you have social security income, disability payments, child and/or spousal support, rental income, or income from an “unofficial” side job, that could be enough to get approved for a quick-cash online loan. Approval will vary based on the details of your income and on the lender and loan details involved. But the main point is that income is the issue rather than employment.

Can You Get A Cosigner?

Another possible path to overcoming lack of employment when you need an installment loan fast is to get a cosigner. If your cosigner is employed or has greater monthly income than you do, his/her signature could make the difference.

It’s even possible in some cases that you have income but simply can’t verify it. Your cosigner might know you and your situation and have no problem trusting you to repay. In that case, you just need to find a lender who will allow approval based on your cosigner – or, your friend could simply take out the loan and you could pay him/her back directly.

Finding A Lender Who Will Approve Your Loan Request

The last thing you want is a bunch of loan applications on your record that got declined. That hurts your credit score, wastes your time, and is (quite frankly) embarrassing and depressing.

But use our high-powered, hyper-specific guaranteed approval loan-finder search engine at Bonsai Finance, and you can pinpoint lenders who are highly likely to accept your loan application. Many of these lenders even bill themselves as “guaranteed approval” lenders, which has very few exceptions. And if you have any kind of income at all (or a cosigner) to back up your loan request, you can be 99% sure you will be approved.

So if you’ve been saying to yourself “I need money today but I’m unemployed,” no need to worry any longer! Bonsai Finance has the tools it takes to solve your dilemma today! Here are some other articles you might find helpful:

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