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ACE Cash Express Review
20 Aug 2019

Installment Loans Lender: ACE Cash Express Review

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Are you struggling financially and desperately seeking a solution that doesn’t involve you working for the mafia? Do you find yourselves on hard times, but know that things are going to get better if you can just make it through?

Sometimes financial hardship is unavoidable due to circumstances out of our control. Fortunately, there are banks and other businesses out there that offer smaller installment and payday loans to help you get by.

The hard part is that there are so many of these businesses, that it can be hard to choose the right one. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for our ACE Cash Express review!

Ace Cash Express Review

Before we get into specifics with Ace Cash Express, it is important to know what an installment loan is. That way you can better choose what loan will work better for you.

Installment Loans

An installment loan is a type of loan where you can borrow a specific amount of money up front, and then pay it back in monthly payments. These payments are usually for a fixed amount and for an exact amount of time. The payment amount and time limit for paying back the loan is decided between you and the lender and based on different factors such as credit score, income, and other variables.

What makes this type of personal loan no credit check unique is that you need to know the exact amount of money you need from the beginning. This is different from other forms of revolving credit like lines of credit or credit cards. Having a set payment and knowing the end date can take a lot of stress off of those who hate adding additional debt to what they already have.

Is ACE Cash Express Right for You?

ACE Cash Express has been in business since 1968 and has locations all over the country. That means they have over 50 years of experience working with customers to help them find a solution for their short-term loan needs.

Their catalog of services doesn’t just consist of installment or payday loans. They also offer things like card services and check cashing. So if you are part of the underbanked community, you don’t have to be stuck using traditional banks.

What You Should Know

While ACE Cash Express has a consistent A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, they also have a decent amount of complaints. Along with that, with over 300 ratings with Consumer Affairs, they only have a 1.5/5 star rating.

Now, sometimes negative reviews can be deceiving. The reason for this is because somebody with a bad experience is more likely to leave a review than somebody who had a good experience.

That being said, a good majority of the reviews for ACE are overwhelming negative with over 270 of those 300 ratings being a 1/5. And a lot of the reviews consist of customers being threatened or contacted on a daily basis about loans that have either been resolved or were never taken out in the first place.

The Verdict

Anytime you are going to take out any kind of bad credit personal loan, you always want to do your research and make sure you read the fine print. Negative feedback doesn’t always mean a company is bad, but it is definitely something to consider before signing any legal paperwork. As you can see by our ACE Cash Express review, it is no different with this company.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need money quick, or even need money for a bigger purchase, check out the host of things we have to offer! We would love to help you find the best solution for your financial needs. And if you still have questions after looking over our website, please don’t hesitate to contact Bonsai Finance today!