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No Credit Check Internet: What Options Do You Have?
16 Sep 2018

No Credit Check Internet: What Options Do You Have?

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It’s common knowledge that having a low credit score can hold you back from receiving approval for various types of loans and credit cards. But did you know that credit can also make it hard to get internet service set up in your home?

Part of the reason is that when you sign up for internet service, you are typically given a modem and or router to use for the duration of the time you choose to have the service. If you default on payments or even cancel your service without returning the equipment, collections efforts can be expensive for the internet provider.

Including a credit check in the application process helps them determine whether you have a hard time paying bills. This way, they are risking less.

If you are rebuilding your credit or simply don’t have any, no credit check internet is a good way to go while you work on improving your score. Just keep reading and we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

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How No Credit Check Internet Works

When an internet provider doesn’t check your credit, you can benefit from flexibility and features that aren’t possible with conventional services. Although this doesn’t apply to all no credit check internet providers, the majority of them allow you to:

  • Have service without a contract or specified time limit
  • Benefit from fixed monthly pricing
  • Avoid termination fees
  • Go without paying a deposit

On the downside, you won’t benefit from professional installation with the majority of these plans. This means that if the appropriate wiring isn’t already set up in your house or apartment, a technician won’t come out to complete the install for you.

Internet Service Providers

You can have internet service without a credit check from a variety of companies. This includes larger corporations like Comcast and Verizon and some smaller, yet equally reliable companies you may not have heard of.

Here are the options with the most benefits:


EarthLink offers several plans for internet, which means you will have a hard time not finding one that works for you. The options range from DSL, satellite, hyperlink, and dial-up internet.

The Hyperlink service is the fastest available, which is best for gamers and streamers. The speeds go up to 75 Mbps and the pricing starts at $39.95 each month. Additionally, there aren’t any data caps with this plan.

EarthLink does pile the fees on with this one though. The early termination fee is $200, the contract lasts 12 months, and there’s a professional installation fee of $69.95.

Verizon Fios

The prepaid Verizon Fios plan is 100% pay as you go. You can cancel whenever you want and even benefit from professional installation at no additional charge.

You can choose the internet on its own for about $60 each month with speeds at 25/25. For an additional $5, you can double the speeds to 50/50. The internet only plan also includes the price of the Wi-Fi router.

For even more prepaid services, you can choose bundle packages like Fios internet and TV or the Fios internet, TV, and phone plans.

HughesNet Gen 5

All of the HughesNet Gen 5 plans come with a Wi-Fi modem that includes a satellite modem. This means you won’t have to deal with the clutter of multiple pieces of equipment in your home.

Also included in this internet package is security and reliability. You can protect your home network by utilizing a separate Wi-Fi channel for visitors.

The most impressive feature about HughesNet is that it’s available throughout the country, even if you live in a place where fiber optics and aren’t available.

Frontier Communications

Whether you’re looking for a bundling package or an individual internet plan, Frontier has a slew of options available. With these plans, you can enjoy being locked into the same pricing for 2 years. This means you won’t have to deal with the hidden fees that come with other plans.

Additionally, Frontier plans are affordable. The least expensive starts at $20 each month and the most expensive is $55.99. Frontier has partnered with national brands like Fios and Vantage to make it so that you are always connected.


With CenturyLink, the low prices you receive are guaranteed for life. Yet, there aren’t any contracts or bundling packages needed to reap this benefit.

CenturyLink supports fast streaming and gaming. And you will also have 24-hour technical support paired with Norton virus protection.

The plan options are dependent on the required data speed. For instance, if you choose the 20 Mbps plan, you will pay $45 each month. While you can have 140 Mbps for $60.

Xfinity Prepaid Internet

With Xfinity, you don’t have to pay a deposit, however, there is a one time $35 fee for equipment and start-up costs. This is a pay as you go plan where the pricing is broken up in two ways.

You can pay $45 for a month of service or $15 for a week. You have the option of buying service in the store or online. Plus, you can add on television services at $20 per 30 days.

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