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25 Jun 2019

5 Tips On Finding The Best Online Loans

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You will find a wide range of loan offers advertised online, ranging from the very good to the very bad. This may make searching for loans online seem a little like walking through a minefield or playing pin the tail on the donkey (blindfolded), but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Follow these 5 key tips for finding the best online loans, and you can walk away with better terms on a loan that truly meets your financial needs:

1. Carefully Define The Best Online Loans

You can’t find it if you don’t know what you are looking for. That applies to finding the best online loans as much as to anything else in life. Take the time to think out (and write down) your must-have loan features and your should-have features. Rank them in descending order and keep them in mind as you begin your search.

2. Understand The Basic Loan Types

One area where you need to do some research is in regard to the definition of various loan types and how they work. When looking for fast cash loans online, you will come across three major options: title loans, payday loans, and personal loans.

Title loans are only good if you own a car free and clear (that is worth a substantial amount of money) and are willing to use it as collateral. Payday loans work well for amounts of $100 to $500 borrowed between paychecks. And personal loans give you better terms for loans of $1,000 and up when you need several months to several years to repay. These loans vary in difficulty to get depending on the lender and type personal loan. They also highly vary in who they apply to, as someone who has a 750 credit score should not apply for a no credit check personal loan.

3. Be Patient But Also Efficient

The last thing you want to do is to simply grab the first loan offer you happen to click on because it popped up first when you ran a Google search. That could get you stuck with the wrong loan. Use efficient, modern search tools – like those provided for free by Bonsai Finance, and be patient for a few minutes as you enter different search criteria based on your list of must-have and should-have features.

4. Work Towards A Short List

As you run searches for various features, such as lower interest rates, the ability to borrow more or for longer, smaller fees, lack of collateral, and acceptance of poor credit, you will begin to narrow the field down from hundreds to only a handful.

When you have arrived at your top 2 or 3 loan offers, then it’s time to focus on these alone. Do more research on the details of the loans and lenders on your short list. Visit their websites, investigate company history, and check out customer reviews.

5. Always Ask For Advice If You Need It

If after all of your efforts you still aren’t quite sure about which loan to choose or about how a particular loan or loan type works, do not hesitate to get timely advice from online loan experts. At Bonsai Finance, for example, you can chat with our staff for answers to your questions and general guidance.

We will not “tell” you which loan offer or lender is best, but we can help clarify the pros and cons of each loan to help you make an informed decision on your own.

Which is the best online loan? The answer to that question will vary from person to person and from situation to situation. But an organized, methodical approach to searching for that ideal loan is always in order. At Bonsai Finance, we make it as quick and simple as possible to find and apply for your best online loans hassle-free.

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