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Loan by Phone Review
21 Sep 2019

Payday Loan Lender Review: Loan by Phone

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There are times when all you need to make it through the next month is a quick loan. A top up to ensure you have enough to cover your bills. In fact, 12 million Americans take out a payday loan every year.

You’ve studied the direct payday lenders market and think you’ve found the place for you. But do you know everything? Is this really the right online lender for you?

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Loan by Phone.

Get a No-Wait Payday Advance

Loan by Phone is a new player in the growing world of online lenders. Armed with a 24-7 call center, you can get a small loan application submitted in minutes, and see the money in your account within twenty-four hours.

Designed for the modern day consumer, you can apply for your instant approval loan from anywhere. Just jump on your mobile, enter your details, and you are done. There’s no need for face-to-face visits or drawn out conversations.

It’s a straight forward process boiled down into three basic steps.

You ask. They review. You receive.

Simple Process Makes it the Best for Online Payday Loans

The key to speed in turn around time is not just good decision making on behalf of their always available staff, but also due to their slimmed down list of requirements.

All you need in order to be able to apply for a bad credit loan guaranteed approval with Loan by Phone is:

  • Proof of Income
  • Valid Email
  • Contact Number
  • Active Bank Account (90 minimum)
  • Social Security Number

This is all the information you should have within easy reach and helps ensure a quick and satisfactory experience for all involved.

Loan by Phone Offer More than Just Payday Advances

Loan by Phone also offers more than just a standard online payday loan no credit check. In fact, they have three different options for their customers.

This gives both them and you the flexibility to get the right loan at the right time, and all through the same speedy process.

You are Protected by their CSFA Membership

One of the benefits of using online loan lenders such as this is that they now also have CSFA membership, which offers a level of safety that may not have been seen in years gone by.

CSFA membership means they are governed by the Community Financial Services Association of America, and this gives you benefits such as being able to cancel your loan, even a payday advance, with as little as twenty-four-hour notice.

Before you finalize your payday loan, you should look at the list of factors to consider before taking out a payday loan, by the CFPB. This should help make sure you’re making a good decision and are able to pay it back on time.

Just Remember Loaning Money Costs Money

From the range of services they offer to their high availability, Loan by Phone is a solid option for those looking to give themselves a buffer to make it through the week.

Just remember, that whatever company you use, loaning money costs money. Make sure you understand the repayment terms and amounts before you commit. Most direct payday lenders look at a 14-day repayment window. Interest will vary based on the amount loaned, but a figure of around 15-20% during that window should be expected.

For more information on state specific requirements on payday loans, you can visit the CFPB’s website, at This is a great resource to learn more about your rights as a consumer as well.

If you have a bad credit rating but are in need of a little financial help, Loan by Phone is a valid option that can help you keep your head above water.

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