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MoneyKey Review
20 Sep 2019

Payday Loan Lender Review: MoneyKey

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Payday loans are a common method people can get money fast even if they don’t have the best credit available. MoneyKey is a company established in 2011 that provides payday loans, installment loans and other personal loans to people that can’t get it from a traditional bank.

There are many payday loan companies both online and with brick and mortar stores, but not all of them provide good service and terms for the lender. In fact, some commonly practice predatory lending practices. MoneyKey is not one of those and we’ll let you know how they stack up against the competition.

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Long Established Payday Lender

It’s not uncommon for no credit check payday loan lenders to pop up one day and be gone the next. Many times, they’ll come back under a different name, but offering the same subpar services. If a company doesn’t have longevity, then you risk being taken advantage of by an unscrupulous lender.

MoneyKey has been around since 2011, so they have almost a decade of service behind them. Longevity means they’ve haven’t been shut down because of bad practices and customers keep coming back, making it a profitable business.

It also shows that the company has been able to keep up to date with the changing requirements, including disclosure of fees and cost calculations.

It shows they provide good service that people can count on without worrying about unlawful practices. It’s perfect people with bad credit that get traditional loans.

Work with Other Loan Companies

The biggest downfall of MoneyKey is they cannot provide instant loans in all states. Currently, they provide payday and installment loans in only 14 states. This doesn’t mean they can’t help get you a loan if you live in other states.

MoneyKey understands the urgency for cash people have when there is an emergency. They’ll help you find a loan through another provider in your state.

This shows how much they care for their customers. They want people to get the money they need when they need it. If they can’t do it, then they’ll find someone who will. They only work with third-party companies that adhere to the same standards and practices that they do.

Provide Financial Educational Resources

Many times people end up in an endless cycle of payday and bad credit loans. For example, an emergency arises; they get the loan, pay it off and then need another loan.

MoneyKey understands how unhealthy a practice this is and provides numerous resources on financial assistance and responsibility for people. They don’t want to put someone into a debt cycle. They want to provide financial assistance in a healthy and responsible way.

Similar to the consumer resources provided at the Consumer Federation of America, anyone can take advantage of these resources even if they are not a customer of MoneyKey.

They Take Pride in Customer Service

When a person gets a loan through MoneyKey, their customer service department is with them every step of the way from borrowing to repayment.

Some payday loan companies are notorious for bad customer service, but Moneykey sees customer service as a necessity and is proud of what it delivers. If a customer has questions or has problems replaying the personal loan no credit check, MoneyKey works with them to find a solution.

MoneyKey is a Safe Choice for Payday Loans

Everyone needs a sudden influx of money for the occasional emergency. MoneyKey is a payday and installment loan lender that can help you through that rough patch and help you get back on your feet.

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