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Instant payday loan
25 Sep 2017

Instant payday loan

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When life turns “financially rough” on you in an instant, you can’t necessarily wait around for days, weeks, or months to get the financing you need to crawl back out of the financial ditch that, perhaps, you’ve just been knocked into.

But the fact is that, especially for those with bad credit scores, it can be difficult to get quick cash loans from most lenders. A traditional bank loan will almost certainly not work in such situations. What, then, are your options?

What Is an Instant Payday Loan?

One option when you just need to get from one paycheck to the next one, due to short-term financial difficulties, is an instant payday loan. So long as you can verify you have adequate income so as to repay the loan on time, you should likely be approved.

There may be a few other basic requirements as well, such as having an active US based bank account, setting up auto-deductions for repayment from that account, being 18 or older, and not having other payday loans still outstanding. But in reality, very few people are denied a payday loan.

Payday loans will be for small sums of cash only, normally for $1,000 or less. And you will have to repay them in full within either 2 or 4 weeks’ time, depending on at what intervals you get paid.

These are small, short-term loans for filling small financial gaps, that however, if not filled can cause late fees, overdraft fees, house, car, and student loan payments going delinquent, and other problems. They may also be used to make emergency car repairs, roof repairs, or almost any other immediate need that just can’t wait.

How Do I Get Approved for a Payday Loan?

The most convenient way to request a payday loan is online. At Bonsai Finance, you can complete all or nearly all of the request process online within a few minutes’ time.

There will be not credit check and there is no credit score requirement. At Bonsai, you will never be turned down due to bad credit. We base approval primarily on your ability to repay not on your past credit history.

And an instant payday loan, with Bonsai Finance, is just that: a payday loan for which you are instantly (or at least, within a matter of a few seconds) approved. Our algorithms work fast, and there are few anyway who would not gain approval, so we can instantaneously approve these kinds of loans.

Simply provide basic personal and financial data relevant to the loan you are requesting and request a loan amount and repayment period that will mean you can reasonably be expected to repay your loan on time (we will assist you in showing which principles/terms pertain based on your income), submit the form, and in an instant, you will almost certainly be approved.