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Internet payday loans
19 Sep 2017

Internet payday loans

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Sometimes, if you are struggling to get to the next paycheck due to short-term financial problems, a payday loan may be a way to solve your current dilemma.

If you have a steady income that you can verify to a payday lender, you may not need good credit or any credit to get the loan. As long as you are not delinquent on another payday loan to your prospective (or other payday) lender, you are likely to be approved.

When you suddenly need to make a major car repair, fix a leaking roof, secure the down payment on a new car, finance a wedding, graduation, or other celebration of an important life event, or for a host of other reasons, Internet payday loans can get you through a tight financial spot.

Benefits of Internet Payday Loans

To get a payday loan offline, you have to spend time and gas to drive to a physical location, wait in line, sign physical papers, and wait for approval and your cash.

The process can be a bit tedious and is certainly less convenient than requesting your payday loan online.

With Internet payday loans, you fill out a few simple forms asking for only basic and relevant personal/financial information. Then you get instant or near-instant approval and can often receive your borrowed cash into your account within one or two business days.

With direct deposit to your account, you avoid carrying physical cash or having to cash a check. And you can use your money immediately any way you choose.

It’s possible collateral may be required, but a bad credit score will not likely make the difference, even if it changes the rates or principal you can borrow to a degree.

Why Choose Bonsai Finance?

Bonsai Finance was founded for the purpose of filling a void in the lending marketplace: affordable, easily accessible loans for people with bad or no credit.

We make the request process as simple and quick as possible. We don’t waste your time asking for irrelevant information or running credit checks for loans not based on credit history but only on your ability to repay.

Short-term loans like payday loans are generally for small amounts and thus their rates/fees are higher on a percentage basis than other loans, even when low as a raw number. But our rates and fees are very, very competitive in the payday sector.

And we always seek to work with you to ensure you can repay on time. We take into account your monthly income when determining your loan amount, and we set up auto-pay to ensure you don’t forget your due date.

At Bonsai Finance, our goal is to make the lending process as convenient for you as possible and to help you build up your credit as a result, besides also getting through a tough financial situation short-term. We are as concerned as you are that you don’t get stuck in a revolving payday loan trap that never ends.