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CheckSmart Review
18 Sep 2019

Payday Loan Lender Review: CheckSmart

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When you’re in need of emergency cash, the whole world can feel like it’s crashing down on you. With the bills piling up and no way to pay for your basic needs, it can be very difficult to drag yourself out of your financial hole.

If this is the case, you’re likely one of the estimated 12 million Americans who turn to Payday loans every year. While the interest rates of up to 400 percent can be expensive, for these short term needs, payday loans could be exactly what the doctor ordered.

With payday loans from Checksmart, you can give yourself more breathing room and time to get yourself stable again. And with other services like check cashing, money wiring, and pre-paid debit cards, Checksmart makes negotiating these financial hurdles easier and more convenient. In this review, we’ll go over important information about Checksmart, as well as the services they offer and how they can help you.

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Checksmart Payday Loans: How It Works

Life’s unexpected events can leave you without the money you need to survive. Emergency medical services, car repairs, and home repairs are expensive, and if you don’t have the money saved up to pay for them, you could be struggling to pay for your basic needs.

As an emergency cash advance company, Checksmart is there to help you in your time of need. These cash advances are easy to receive, and there are minimal requirements when it comes to your financial situation.

Depending on the individual circumstances, Checksmart customers can receive a payday loan of anywhere from $100 to $800. When you apply for the loan in person, you write a post-dated check for the total amount you borrowed, plus any additional financing fees. Checksmart then waits to cash the check until your next payday, which means you pay back the loan within one pay cycle.

You can also come in and pay off the total amount you owe before your next payday if you want to take care of the same day loan early. Depending on what state you’re in, you can hold off paying the entire loan back by paying the finance fees first. This gives you additional time to pay off the balance of the loan.

Most payday loans terms run for two weeks, or 14 days. This means that you have two weeks to pay off the balance of your payday loan.

Applying For a Payday Loan

You can also apply to for a payday loan in person or online, which makes it more convenient if you don’t have a nearby location. You can also visit your online profile to change your personal information or view your loan history to keep track of your finances.

Applying for a loan online only takes a few minutes and you can get approved almost immediately. All you need to apply is a bank account, a steady income, and some form of proper ID, such as a government-issued ID or a driver’s license.

Most banks and lending services won’t accept loan applications from people who have low credit scores or no credit. Luckily with loans from Checksmart, your credit isn’t checked at all, meaning you don’t have to have good credit or any credit at all.


When it comes to bad credit loans, many people have concerns about the safety of getting a payday loan. Many lenders in the market aren’t trustworthy, and they can end up putting you in an even worse financial situation.

Checksmart has been a reliable member of the payday loan community for over 20 years, proving they can be trusted and are there to help their customers.

You might also be worried about your personal information being stolen over the internet. Checksmart uses an encrypted process for their online loans, so you don’t have to worry about your information being stolen.

Checksmart also adheres to strict privacy laws, meaning they can’t sell or distribute your information to other companies.

Other Services

Checksmart offers quality guaranteed approval loans, but they also offer check cashing as well. If you don’t have a bank account, cashing checks can be very difficult. This makes it hard to spend your hard earned money and stay on top of bill payments and other financial obligations.

Checksmart offers these check cashing services at all of their locations. They can cash almost any kind of check, whether it’s a personal check, refund check, government check, or paycheck. Their locations are also open later than most banks, with some locations open 24 hours a day. This makes it even easier and convenient to cash a check and get access to your money.

You can also pay some of your bills at Checksmart as well. Many locations offer the ability to pay your gas, utility, or cable bill for a small convenience fee. This way you can easily cash your check and pay for your bills all in one stop.

Checksmart locations also offer Western Union services. With Western Union, you can send and receive money that can be accessed at any Western Union location. Western Union has tens of thousands of locations in the US, which makes sending or receiving money easy and convenient.

You can also buy money orders through Western Union, which can make paying bills easier. You can even use a money order from Western Union to pay your rent or your car payment.

In today’s world, it’s often easier and more convenient to use a debit card instead of cash. And Checksmart gives you the opportunity to use a debit card by offering pre-paid debit card services from Visa.

All you have to do is load the debit card with whatever amount of money you want. Then you can use the debit card in any location that accepts Visa debit cards. You can use it to pay bills, buy groceries, or shop for the essential items you need.

Visit Checksmart To Get Your Payday Loan Today

If you’re looking for a reliable, trustworthy, and convenient payday loan, Checksmart is there to help you. And with the other services they offer, it has never been easier to access and move your money.

If you have other questions about Checksmart or payday loans, please visit our blog.