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Personal loans with bad credit
7 Oct 2017

Personal loans with bad credit

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When you find yourself in need of a short-term loan to cover unexpected expenses, it can be difficult to find a bank that will lend you the money, especially if you have a below average credit score.

And even if you could get a bank loan, the uncertainty as to approval and the loan, tedious process are rather uninviting.

To get the funds you need in a timely manner, you will likely need to consider personal loans. Bad credit need not be an issue.

Why Opt for personal loans with bad credit accepted?

There are many online personal loans with bad credit customers accepted on a regular basis. You will almost certainly have no problem getting the loan approved, which is a huge factor. Having to make multiple loan requests and getting some of them disapproved wastes time, causes you stress, and further hurts your credit score.

But there are other reasons to consider personal loans BAD CREDIT. First of all, a personal loan gives you the following built-in benefits:

  • No collateral is needed for a personal loan. They are “unsecured.” Why? Because they are based on your ability to repay, not on credit scores or collateral.
  • Your APR will be lower than most payday loans and better than some credit cards.
  • You get a manageable repayment plan and enough time to repay. Payday loans demand repayment in one lump sum after a month or less. Personal loans let you repay in monthly installments that fit your budget.
  • Loan terms will be relatively flexible with personal loans. You can borrow more than with payday loans, and you can often customize you loan to your income and your needs.

Why choose Bonsai Finance for personal loans with bad credit?

You will find a multitude of online short-term, small personal loans lenders: just try a simple Google search. But how do you know which lenders you can trust and which ones will give you the best deal?

We at Bonsai Finance give you a number of good reasons to opt for us over our competition. Here are just a few of those reasons:

  1. The lenders we work with can give you simple, upfront, and highly competitive rates.
  2. We can provide access to numerous loan options and let you fit your loan type/terms to your needs.
  3. The lenders we work with have a solid reputation in the industry as a name you can trust.
  4. Bonsai Finance provides you with a 100% online solution to our financial needs.
  5. The online request process is simple, only essential information is asked.
  6. The personal loans we can help you find are affordable. They take into account your ability to repay when formulating your available loan and monthly installment amounts.
  7. We can help you find personal loans with bad credit with lenders that base personal loans on verifiable income not on credit history.
  8. The process is quick. You can complete submitting your request and getting approved by our lenders in only minutes. Your cash will normally arrive in your account within one (or at most a few) business days.

At Bonsai Finance, we are dedicated to providing you with maximally convenient loan options, including bad-credit personal loans, that meet your needs.