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Pioneer Loans
13 Aug 2019

Pioneer Loans: What They Are and Their Benefits

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If you ever find yourself in debt, Pioneer Loans might be able to help you. The company is called Pioneer Lending Services, and it offers loan products to retired and active military personnel with a variety of credit backgrounds. People who are barely making it financially might find it useful to get a loan. You can pay off current debt with higher interest rates or take out a travel loan. It’s possible to get a variety of loan options through this company.

What Is It?

The lending company was founded in 1932, and it’s based out of Kansas City, MO. It’s loaned money to more than one million military families and also offers education of money topics to help servicemen and servicewomen handle finances better.

Since it was founded, it has earned a variety of awards, including the Above and Beyond award and the award from the Kansas City Business Journal Champions of Business. You can find many options available, including loans for home improvements, weddings, medical expenses, moving, credit-card consolidation, and much more. The only things that aren’t available from this company are business start-up and education loans.

Pioneer Loans: Pricing and More

You can get an auto, travel, or debt-consolidation loan through this company. While you can get home loans, they do come with higher interest rates. Plus, the lender works a bit differently in that you get a 15-day guarantee. If you change your mind about the loan or amount, you can easily return the money with no penalties. Anyone can get up to $10,000 without any collateral. It’s possible to get more money than that, but you will need to secure the loan by putting up your motorcycle, home, boat, or car.

People in need can get up to $50,000, though it is best to go with the least amount of money to get you through whatever situation you face. The amount you’ll pay depends on many factors, such as your credit score, repayment plan, and credit history. Prices might also vary based on how much money you borrow and the agreed-upon interest rate. Other fees might also be included.

Pioneer loans can be written for up to three years. Of course, this does seem like a lot because you only have 156 months to pay back up to $10,000 and all the interest. Because this company is geared toward military personnel, you may not think your earnings will be enough. However, you can get less money and still pay it back with the three-year commitment. It might be a little more cost-effective to do it this way.


Primarily, this loan company gives you flexible turns and approval in minutes. If you have a low credit score or little history, this could be the right option for you. Of course, bad credit loans tend to have higher interest rates associated with them. It is best to shop around to find the right loan product for your needs.

Current Issues

Right now, the company is not providing any personal loans to people in the military. Along with such, it isn’t accepting new applications or processing pending ones. It’s unknown when or if this business will start back up. If you currently have a loan through this company, you can still pay your bill. Plus, financial education and resources are available to those who want it through the website.

Pioneer loans have been helping military families for generations and makes it easier for people with less-than-perfect credit to get a loan when needed. For example, most lending companies require five years of credit history, but Pioneer Lending Services doesn’t. Plus, bankruptcy isn’t an automatic disqualification as with other lenders. While things are up in the air right now, you might want to check back with this company to see if it might start offering/approving loans in the near future.

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