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What Are Best Online Payday Loans
4 Aug 2018

What Are Best Online Payday Loans?

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Getting a payday loan at a brick-and-mortar establishment can be time consuming, tedious, and puts you at the mercy of whichever lender is located near you rather than letting you pick the best lender period.

Finding the best online payday loans is the best strategy. The Internet opens up to you a host of payday loan offers that you wouldn’t otherwise be aware of and couldn’t otherwise access except with great difficulty.

But if hit and miss visits to local payday lenders’ physical locations gets you too sparse of choices, then online searches can create the opposite problem – too big a haystack. So how do you find the needle?

5 Top Tips For Finding The Best Online Payday Loans

How Do you identify the best online payday loans? What are their “earmarks?” What makes them stand out from the crowd of contenders?

Here are 5 tips to follow when searching online for a great payday lender:

  1. Don’t just go with the first website you see. Search results aren’t always “organic.” The site at the top of the list in your search results may be there because someone paid for it to be there. And high-ranking first-page results may just indicate advertising clout and good SEO skills. But what you care about is the best terms on a loan, so you can’t just go with the top few links after a Google search.
  2. Don’t waste time applying for loans you won’t qualify for or won’t want. Applying for numerous loans may result in lots of credit checks and then hurt your (possibly already damaged) credit score. Plus, large numbers of applications consume your valuable time.
  3. Use online search tools like those at Bonsai Finance. The quickest, most reliable way to whittle down your options to only the very best is by searching the Web with powerful tools like those offered at Bonsai Finance. Simply enter your desired search criteria and narrow the field as needed till you create your “short list.”
  4. Examine the best lenders in detail and comparison shop. If you can identify a short list of top contenders, it becomes practical to compare their “resumes,” terms, and eligibility criteria in more detail.
  5. Apply To An Instant Approval Lender. Bonsai can help you find the best possible payday loan offer and lender. And we can also hook you up with a lender who has a minutes-only application process followed up by instant approval. The last thing you need to do is wait for hours or days to get a yes/no answer on your loan application.

Which Search Criteria Should I Use?

Given that you need the speed, accuracy, and power of an online search engine to facilitate your search for the best payday loan, the next question is: which search criteria should I use?

That’s a difficult question. The answer depends, of course, on what exactly is most important to you in a payday loan. But here are some of the top search criteria most people use:

  • Lower APR and lower fees than the competition.
  • Larger principal allowed. The usual parameters are $100 to $1,000.
  • Longer to pay. You may want 4 weeks instead of just 2 weeks to pay the loan back.
  • Reputable company. Bonsai’s staff will know which lenders have a good name in the industry and which do not.
  • Fast cash today. The best lenders get you your money fast, as in next business day into your account.
  • Easy approval. Many lenders accept bad credit or no credit applicants and make the application process quick, straightforward, and predictable.

Bonsai Finance has the tools and knowledge of the industry it takes to connect you with your ideal loan. We have one mission: match our clients to their best online payday loans or other loans fast.

With Bonsai Finance, you won’t have to second guess your payday loan: you’ll know it’s the best.